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Daleism is described to operate with two levels and two different form of governence, this is a national level and sub-national level political system. Daleism was first introduced into the Dale Republic after the transition from the Dale Transitional Council to the Dale Republic.

National level

On a national level daleism is treated like other democracies where the post of President and the optional post of prime Minister are elected by the national population or with an external election of non-citizens with the governing house or houses being filled by a Coalition of all of the political parties of that state.

Sub-national level

While on the sub-national level each state, province or district have a single ruling political party which controls that region. These parties make up the coalition government, however to stop each state, province or district being a one party state or dictatorship each party only has a majority of the control while the rest is handled by the national coalition government.

List of daleist states


Nation Official Name and Style Subdivisions Head of state


Nation Official Name and Style Subdivisions Head of state
  Dale Republic Republic of Woking Districts President

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