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Dale Self-Defence Forces

The Dale Self-Defence Forces are the collective group of self-defence military branches that creates the dale military the self-defence forces of Dale Republic.

Self-Defence Forces of the Dale Republic
Dale Self-Defence Forces
Flag of Dale Republic.png
Flag of the Dale Republic
Founded May 22, 2011
Current form April 12, 2011
Service branches Army
Commander-in-Chief Danny Clarke
Military age 15-55
Active personnel 1
Reserve personnel 13
Budget 2012: DRP £3400
Percent of GDP 58% (2012)
Domestic suppliers Woking Defence Systems
Foreign suppliers Flag of the United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Flag of the United States.png United States of America
Annual exports DPRT.png Tiana

The mission of the Dale Self-Defence Forces, as defined:

  • defend the sovereignty of the country;
  • protect the people of the Dale Republic;
  • secure the territorial integrity of Dale Republic;
  • defend the Dale Republic against external threats and aggression; and
  • be involved in addressing any emergencies, participate in reconstruction activities, and assist in disaster management and relief in accordance with the law.

The Dale Self-Defence Forces is made up as so;

Defcon level


secrecy Levels

  • Level 4 - Most secret
  • Level 3 - Censor parts before releasing
  • Level 2 - Temporary secret
  • Level 1 - Not secret

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