Dabmasters (film)

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Directed byWilliam I
Produced byWLC Productions
Written byWilliam I
StarringJohn I
William I
Baustralian News Network
WLC Productions
Country Baustralia

Dabmasters is a film filmed and written by William I, King of Gradonia and notably voiced by William and John I, King of Baustralia.


The plot follows a group of resistance fighters in the People's Republic of Quebec as they journey to assassinate Premier Aidan McGrath. The main character is Oxley Sebastiaan or 'Ox' as he is referred to by the other characters. The main antagonist, less McGrath, is Captain Jacob Caravaggio, head of the Quebecois Secret Service and member of the Quebecois Naval Reserve. Over the course of the film, Captain Caravaggio pursues Ox and his compatriots as they attempt their mission.