The DPRM War was a conflict that lasted 1 day, and involved a coalition against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Michigan.

DateNovember 13th - 14th, 2019
Result Anti-DPRM victory
Union of Mountain States.png Union of Mountain States
Newnatlinflag.png United Provinces of Natlin
UnitedOceanStates.jpg United Ocean States
DRHouseistan.png Democratic Republic of Houseistan
FederationofEastMichigan.PNG Federation of East Michigan
Arstotzka344.png Workers Republic of Arstotzka
NewF.jpg Buckeye Republic
DPRM Flag.png Democratic Peoples Republic of Michigan
Commanders and leaders
Union of Mountain States.png Hunt Powell
Newnatlinflag.png Jacob Deceuninck
UnitedOceanStates.jpg Jaime P. III
FederationofEastMichigan.PNG Dominick A.
DPRM Flag.png Roy

Course of the War

War initially broke out when the DPRM declared war on the Democratic Republic of Houseistan. In response multiple micronations joined the war to support Houseistan. The war ended when the DPRM learned that the Federation of East Michigan was in a position to mount an invasion of the DPRM, and so the DPRM surrendered to the coalition.