Cycoldian Imperium

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Cycoldian Imperium
Cycoldian Imperium Flag.svg
Flag of the Cycoldian Imperium
Best Coat Of Arms Of Cycoldia.png
Coat of Arms of Cycoldia

Capital cityEmpreton
Largest cityEmpreton
Official language(s)English (UK), Latin
GovernmentImperial Commonwealth
- Summi ImperatoriaChristina I & II
- Prime MinisterAvery Prasatik
- Colonial MinisterArthur Lacey-Scott
Established28 February 2021
Currency$ (USD)[a]
Time zone(CST/CT)

The Cycoldian Imperium, (pronounced /sikldiən/) and generally known simply as the Imperium in Cycoldia, is an Empire and political Commonwealth led by the Grand Republic of Cycoldia in which all member states have Christina I & II as the head of state. The Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia is the monarch of the Imperium, having become the Summi Imperatoria from Imperial Order 2.7, which established the Cycoldian Imperium on 28 February 2021.


The Cycoldian Imperium was founded on 28 February 2021 by Imperial Order 2.7, the founding members were the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, the United Federation of Lur, Dathuria, the United Kingdoms of Creek and Lake, and Lacia. The United Royal Republics of Jockromasa was incorporated into it as a full member on 20 April 2021 via the Treaty of Jockrosama.[1]

Creek and Lake

The United Kingdoms of Creek and Lake had a long history before their joining the Cycoldian Imperium, formerly being the Kingdom of Creek and the Kingdom of Lake they united under the Act of Union of 2019 with Erica I as the monarch of the United Kingdoms of Creek and Lake. After this they organised full noble titles, summoning a parliament for both and establishing the military under Christina Nowell. Then following in 2020, Erica I abdicated the throne, it being then given to Christina I & II from the Act of Union of 2020, which united the crown of the UCKL with the Cycoldian Crown, when they then following became a founding member of the Cycoldian Imperium later upon the creation of Imperial Order 2.7.


When the UKCL united the Cycoldian and Lacian Crowns, there was a miscommunication regarding the title of "Empress of Lacia" which was meant to be a title such as the title of Emperor of the French in which it is named after the demonym for the UKCL, though this was misinterpreted as Lacia being a dominion of the UKCL, causing the accidental foundation of Lacia as a member of the Imperium.


Jockrosama was a long time ally of Cycoldia, though it had been balancing Elysiumite and Cycoldian influences in the nation, though eventually joining Elysium. After a long membership in Elysium they eventually left, as Elysium had not acted within the nation much. Jockrosama eventually opted to join the Cycoldian Imperium after discussion regarding the transferring of the crown of Jockrosama, Christina I was declared the Empress of Jockrosama.


On 22 September Aniq Sufyan agreed to join the Cycoldian Imperium, after negotiations finished regarding their entry into it. Following this Christina I wrote a bullet list and presented it to Aniq Sufyan for slow implementation.[2] This was originally agreed to by Sufyan, with the plan estimated to take 1-2 years. Following this was some slight changes with the government, though the government had cooled down. Then Aniq Sufyan proposed to adapt complete Sharia Law within the nation, which would ban all LGBTQ+ rights. A small negotiation occurred in which Christina I stated that she could not accept any discrimination on any policy, eventually both sides agreeing to not implement the proposal. Then the next morning Aniq Sufyan opened a poll to the people of Richensland regarding this, seemingly going back on the old agreement. This caused outrage among the Cycoldians, with Arthur Lacey-Scott having personally been involved in conversation with Sufyan on the topic. Following a short conversation with Christina I, Aniq Sufyan announced his resignation. Because of this Arthur Lacey-Scott was placed into the office after Aniq Sufyan had said of his replacement, "someone can replace me but [they have] to be a straight." Aniq Sufyan then retracted his resignation, which the retraction was not accepted and it resulted in the split between the Aniq Sufyan Government and Lacey-Scott Government. This was later resolved, by Bhuvan Pathuri conceding the claims formally[3] in a document countersigned by Aniq Sufyan verifying the document's authenticity.


Ela'r'oech became involved the Cycoldian Imperium on October 27th, when Christina I & II was crowned monarch by Parliament. This though was disputed by Charles Madgett who claimed that due to the former monarch having declared him heir in their abdication, it meant that he was therefore to be crowned monarch. Afterwards, he filed suit against the government, the case being seen before the Hon. James Christian, who ruled in favour of the government in the ruling of Madgett v. Ela'r'oech. Following this though, Charles Madgett did not relinquish his claim to the throne, and on the 3rd of November, following heated argument, Charles declared his own government with an attempt to dispute rather the entire Parliament and government instead of simply the crown.


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  1. Currency may vary depending on member state