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Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) is the official time of the City of Cyberterra, the world's first metrosite, or virtual realm. Later the City of Cyberterra also acquired a geographical consistency, and became the world's first cybernetic realm (or κυβερνήτης ― kyvernítis).

The Swatch Internet Time (or beat time) decimal time concept introduced in 1998 and marketed by the Swatch corporation has no time zones; instead, the new time scale of Biel Mean Time (BMT) is used, based on the company's headquarters in Biel, Switzerland.

Despite the name, however, BMT does not refer to mean solar time at the Biel meridian, but is equivalent to Central European Time and West Africa Time or UTC + 1. In order to ensure the relevancy of the Swatch Internet Time system, the Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini introduced the concept of Cyberterra Mean Time on 5 August 2009.

Cyberterra Mean Time or CMT is also called Central European Standard Time, or UTC + 1 hour. This time is the equivalent of the time in Paris, Rome, Geneva and Berlin during the winter, or London, Dublin and Lisbon during the summer.

Cyberterra Mean Time (or Cyberterra Meridian Time) is a new meridian (as opposed to the Greenwich Meridian). This new Meridian runs through the City of Cyberterra, which is located at 43°0'0" North and 15°0'0" East.

The City of Cyberterra not only has its own specific time zone, but in fact follows an entirely different new date and time format.

The Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) standard is simply the UTC + 1 hour time standard. The Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) standard is also known as the Fifth World Chronological Standard.

The Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) format, on the other hand, is a combination of the Cesidian calendar date and Swatch Internet Time. The Cyberterra Mean Time (CMT) format is also known as the Fifth World Chronological Format.

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