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(1st and 2nd Religious Conflicts)
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====1st and 2nd Religious Conflicts====
====1st and 2nd Religious Conflicts====
[Unfinished Section]
As the king proposed a new decree to enforce religious freedom throughout the realm, a part of the nobility and the clergy rose up in revolt. As a result the king had to ban all public gatherings of clergymen and the nobility
====Broken Union====
====Broken Union====

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Kingship of Cutlavania
Motto: "Perdamaian, Stabilitas, Diplomasi" (Indonesian)
"Peace, Stability, Diplomacy"
Location of Cutlavania in the Java archipeligo
Official languagesKutlav (official)
Recognised national languagesIndonesian, English
DemonymKutlav (Informal) Cutlavanian (Formal)
GovernmentMonarchist Feudalism
• King
LegislatureNoble court
Independence from Republic of Indonesia
• Independence date
19 January 2020
• Total
0.0015 km2 (0.00058 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
Currencyburke (de jure)
Rupiah (de facto)
Time zoneGMT +7
Drives on theleft
Calling code+62

The Kingship of Cutlavania, often referred to as Cutlavania is a confederation comprised of kingdoms and countries that unified under one banner. Cutlavania is composed of 3 major kingdoms in which the biggest kingdom, Cutlav is the leader of the Confederation as proven from the Cutlavanian Constitution which was summarized as the treaty of unification under Cutlavanian rule. The two other countries are the Duchy of Morgar, ruled by Emperor Alexander I and Princedom of Colonia under Emperor Kenneth who was exiled as consequence for trying to stage a coup d'etat.
The Kingship of Cutlavania is ruled under a constitutional Monarchy in which feudalistic nobles assist the king in ruling a country. The Nobles in power hold a conference everyday with the king in which the king and nobles would talk about the country's status as a whole, sometimes a conference could lead into an agreement over a decree that would benefit the nation economically, militarily, or socially.


The Birth of a new micronation

Cutlavania started out as a idea made by a group of 5 people. Often the group would get together for a while and talk about politics, emblems, ideologies and such. So as a result, on the 19th of January 2019, the group finally declared independence from the Republic of Indonesia. Cutlavania started out as a non-constitutional republic that elected a new president every 2 weeks, but this changed as the presidents that ruled the nation was weak and irresponsible. So, one of the nation's forefathers decided to rise up and overthrow the president in a coup d'etat.

Founding Fathers

The first people in cutlavania are refered to as founding fathers. There were 6 founding fathers, which are - Kevin
- Evan
- Benedict
- Abe
- B.M.W
- Bryan. A


Kevin was one of the founding fathers in Cutlavania, who was assigned as the first public relations minister, and the 4th president


Evan was the first ever handpicked General of Cutlavania due to his militaristic knowledge, Evan was known to be slightly insane. Slightly insane by the fact that he imagines himself having a "real" border with other micronations and dropping "bombs" from "bomber airplanes" that he "bought a model of". Due to this fact, he was disliked by his peers, and sometimes didn't get a chance to speak in the council of nobles when in a conference.







Bryan. A


Reign of King Sean I (August 2019-September 2019)

In the month of July in the year of 2019, a troubling young man joined the nation. The council for the presidency were desperate for a new leader, as they have just impeached the last president. Without question, this newly joining man was elected as the leader of Cutlavania even with some people saying that electing a man with an unknown reputation is bad, they still elected that person. He made some daring reforms like abolishing some taxes and erasing most of the rules that were made to safeguard the nation's independence. These reforms have proven unacceptable for the council who immediately denounced the reforms and sent the newly elected king a formal complaint. The king, wanting to have more power decided to the council. This didn't go well with the population causing the newly established king to be forced abdicated. After abdicating, he marched on south and made a new country declaring himself emperor of the world while bringing half of the population,a councilman and the General of the Cutlavanian army as hostages.

Civil War

After the abdication, the question of who would be king was raised again. They decided to elect one of the leading founder of Cutlavania, that is B.M.W. From this, King Sean declared himself king of a new nation and declared war on Cutlavania. The general of Cutlavania and a couple of nobles went with king Sean and with that the king declared war on Cutlavania.

To be realistic, the war was more of who could take their citizens first to drive them out of the country business. The outcome of the war was brutal for Cutlavania, losing 7 out of the 8 battles in the civil conflict losing. The result was a stalemate, even though King Sean and his nobles won almost all the battles, the nobles and even the general of Cutlavania surrendered to King B.M.W causing a stale mate for both sides.

First Reign of King B.M.W (September 2019 - 21 May 2020)

The only notable thing that King B.M.W did was unify the 3 scrambling micronations scattered all about in Central Jakarta into a single unified kingdom.

1st and 2nd Religious Conflicts

As the king proposed a new decree to enforce religious freedom throughout the realm, a part of the nobility and the clergy rose up in revolt. As a result the king had to ban all public gatherings of clergymen and the nobility

Broken Union

The aftermath of the conflicts has led Cutlavania to become weak and fragile. Using this opportunity, the kingdom of Halenesia decided to break the union and filed for independence. With a weakened state and a fragile union at risk of breaking, the king decided to recognize the independence.

Reign of King Jan II Yuilov of Halenesia (21 May 2020 - June 11 2020)

With the nation weak, and the union fragile, King Joel of Halenesia decided to offer King B.M.W to take over as king until his nation heals over. Without hesitation, king B.M.W decided to accept the offer and went into exile. So as of then, king Joel is now the king of Cutlavania and Halenesia.

The reign lasted a month, where Jan II (Joel) ruled the country uneventfully and with no disasters occured.

The reign was ended when King Jan abdicated the throne and was replaced by king BMW as the king in power of the confederation.


With king B.M.W exiled and King Joel in place of the exiled king, he decided to unite the entire region under one banner, a Chinese banner. King Joel decided that the nation should be a Chinese going one, and so decided that the union of Cutlavania, and Halenesia would unite and form a Chinese nation as a form of continuation of the old Chinese system.

Claims on the chinese dynasty

As the Kingdom now has turned into a chinese one, the King decided that he would claim the chinese crown, and so from then on, King Jan II is deemed as the pretender to the chinese throne.

2nd Reign of King BMW (June 11 2020 -)

As the king Abdicated, the last king of the country, BMW has risen up to retake the throne and become the new ruler of Cutlavania.

Feudal systems and provincial governance

A newly made feudal system for the cutlavanian population in which the almighty God is first, others second

With the creation of the cutlavanian kingdom, the king has decided to make a feudal system to put the population in its place. Until now, the population has been harassing the king and making outrageous concessions. Because of that the King has made a decree/declaration to put the population in its place and also to avoid the population from getting to filled with power. Other than that, the feudalistic system is put into place to remind the government that the king was chosen/destined by God to lead the country into prosperity and greatness.

Other than that, the King put into place the provincial governance act, in which each province holds at least one leader. Many people know that this is an increase into decentralization which is bad for a nation with a king. The provincial governance act is the decision to easily manage each province in some cases like in the event of a national census or the national tax collecting day. This decision is to ease the micro managing of provinces and lend the job into smaller classed people with the title of Governor


Flag Arms Picture Name Founding Population Official(s)
Self owned territories (Houses)
N/A N/A Cutlavanian house.jpg Pillowsheath February 2005 (founded)
19 January 2019 (legitimized as territory)
1 (registered in Cutlavania)
4 (living in residence)
N/A N/A Cutlavanian house3.jpg Morgar 2000's (founded)
November 2019 (legitimized as territory)
1 (registered in Cutlavania)
4 (living in residence)
Farrell Alexander I
Self owned territories inside other properties (apartments)
N/A N/A Cutlavanian house2.jpg Butter Coast 2014 (purchased)
September 2019 (legitimized as territory)
1 (registered in Cutlavania)
5 (living in residence)