Custosian LGBTQ referendum, 2017

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The Custosian LGBTQ referendum was a referendum deciding whether or not the Anti-LGBTQ Act should stay in affect or be retracted. The referendum took place on 18 March 2017.


On 10 March 2017, Lord Edward of Custosia passed the Anti-LGBTQ Act banning the LGBTQ community. The sum of the law states that the LGBTQ community is illegal and a criminal offense in Custosia and that if anyone identifying with the LGBTQ community breaks the new law, they will have to pay a higher tax and preform one day of manual labor. Once the law was passed, Edward announced it on the MicroWiki Forums and received major criticism on his action against the community. Edward however, wanted to see what the people think about the new law and whether or not they support his new law. A democratic referendum was held the on 18 March 2017. The vote decided whether or not to keep the law in place or retract it and keep the LGBTQ community free in Custosia.

The referendum was a very monumental time in Custosia because it was officially the first democratic vote ever in Custosian history.

The referendum concluded in the evening hours of 18 March 2017. The "Yes" vote won the referendum keeping the Anti-LGBTQ Act in affect. On 19 March 2017, Lord Edward of Custosia officially accepted the results of the referendum, making the "Yes" vote official.


The referendum poster
Should the Anti-LGBTQ Act stay in affect?
Yes or no Percentage
Yes 62.5%
No 37.5%
Voter Turnout 72.7%