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Intermicronational Development Organization
Cupertinologo2.svg Cupertinocoatofarms.svg
Logo Coat of Arms[1]


For thee we stand together. [2]


Based In / Headquarters Point Cupertino, Aenderia

Official language English

Budget (Q1 2020) CAD$ 10.99 [4]


Chair of the Board Logan Ross
Lieutenant Chair Matthew Xia
Superior Judge Brennan Sullivan

– Indepedent Economical Union founded 20 October 2018
– Operation North Macedonia started 10 March 2019
– Establishment 1 April 2019
– Dissolution 1 June 2019
– Revival 28 January 2020
– New charter ratified 15 June 2020
Application Form

The Cupertino Alliance (/ˌkpərˈtnɑːlɑːɪəns/ About this sound (listen) ) (also known as the CUP or CA[5], also formerly known as the Cupertino Unified Micronational)[6][7] is an intermicronational organization founded on 10 March 2019. Headquartered at Point Cupertino, Aenderia, it was created out of Aenderia's distaste for the Grand Unified Micronational and their accusations that the GUM had become an exclusive and overrated organization, however since then the organisation has grown into an independent, reputable hub within the micronational community. Template:As of, the Cupertino Alliance has 29 full member states and 1 observer state.


During the creation of the alliance, various names were thrown around. Some were satire which parodied off the Grand Unified Micronational [8] whilst William Efton decided to call it "Project Esperanza" for the time being. [9] The current name, "Cupertino Alliance", was suggested randomly by Jayden Lycon. Efton, at the time an Apple fan loved the idea. [10] (Apple being located at Cupertino, California. [11])

As neither Lycon and Efton lived near the city of Cupertino (both live in Toronto [12] and Austin [13] respectively), Efton suggested to claim a plot of land and name it "Point Cupertino" [14]. This was later given assent from both the House of Commons of Aenderia [15] and by then-president Milaw Oakforrest. [16]. The name was kept for the revival of the alliance.


Independent Economical Union

The Independent Economical Union (IEU) was founded on 20 October 2018 by Piotr Harniakiewicz "to protect the freedom of economy." Furthermore, it also granted benefits to member nations, including free travel without a visa (Now the ÉtatsToronto program).[17][18][19] The first members were Nerdystan, Matachewan and Aenderia.

There were 2 parts in the IEU, those being the council and the court. The council consisted of 1 elected individual from each member nation of the IEU and to propose and pass legislation, which will affect all member nations. The court, on the other hand, handled intermicronational disputes between member nations as well as breaches of IEU legislation and the charter. It was presided by a head judge with 2 extra judges.[20]

The IEU is the unofficial predecessor of the Cupertino Alliance. It upheld many of the ideas and people that are in the Alliance today. The IEU played a major part in the Robertson Sea Conflict, but in January 2019, the activity significantly declined. 22 days later, a majority of the members departed the IEU, including Aenderia.[21] It was revived for a short period on 4 March 2019 by Brandon Mierzwa,[22] but ended-up falling back into inactivity about a week later.

An April Fools Joke

During the decline of the IEU, the Epic Union was founded on 10 March 2019 by Jayden Lycon as part of a planned 'joke'[23][24] on the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM), as Jayden had believed that the GUM had become a micronational organization that was exclusive and very harsh on the selection process for new members, which he believed would cause the GUM's eventual downfall.[25]

The IEU logo, the predecessor of the Cupertino Alliance.

Jayden proceeded to tell the Aenderian people that Aenderia had been the first-ever micronation to join the EU (Epic Union, the organization's first name), replacing the United Kingdom's seat to the "EU", which was set to leave on 29 March 2019.[26] This confused many Aenderian citizens, considering during that time Aenderia was still largely a small micronation. [27] William Efton later explained that this was to 'poke fun' at large organizations, have a brand reputation and doesn't do much work, although both Jayden and Efton were both proponents of the European Union at the time, which was the organization that a majority, if not all Aenderian citizens thought to be in the announcement.


"Accidental" Creation of the Alliance

The Epic Union stunt (dubbed "Operation North Macedonia") became a full-fledged idea of a brand new intermicronational organization. On 1 April 2019, the Cupertino Alliance was founded, with the starting members of the first phase of the alliance being:

The alliance was originally also planning to invite Flavia, however, they did not go through with these plans for unknown reasons. [28] . The alliance would later include other nations, most notably the Somcowian Federation, to the alliance.

The former 10 Cupertino Krone note, featuring Brandon Mierzwa.

During the first phase, the alliance developed multiple agreements, including a Schengen-type visa-free travel agreement,[29] a unified banknote [30] and a defence treaty.[31] Furthermore, the alliance also resolved treaties between nation-states, including a conflict between Auvenum and Bepistan regarding the partition of White Island[32] and an extensive research study regarding a proposed bill in Groponigën regarding the Christchurch mosque shootings.[33]

There was a minor controversy when it was revealed that Groponigën never officially joined the Alliance, however, the Alliance decided not to negotiate with the Government of Groponigën choosing to just remove the Kingdom from the Alliance due to miscommunication between both parties.[34]

Months later, activity in the alliance plummeted due to more important work in other nations. Eventually, there were talks to the Misberian delegate about Lycon having the desire to close the alliance. A few days later, Jayden proposed a dissolution bill for the Cupertino Alliance and was passed. The dissolution voided all Cupertino Alliance projects and agreements, and remains of the Cupertino Krone were void. On 1 June 2019, the act was in effect, and the alliance was closed.[35] Though, on 7 July 2019, Tony Sweigart attempted to revive the alliance.[36] A vote motioning the recreation was passed but was not implemented as no other micronation had joined the revived alliance.


With the anti-GUM sentiment in Aenderia stronger than ever, talks to reopen the Cupertino Alliance were presented to the House of Commons of Aenderia. The plan was to reopen the alliance by 28 January 2020, with the first meeting commencing on 1 February 2020[37]. The act passed, and Efton invited Ponderosa Hills, Millania, and Misberia to the reopened alliance.[38] The following weeks saw the passing of many agreements, including the Windhoek Agreement[39] and the admission of Aenopia and Orientia on 24 February 2020.[40] Also, the Alliance started the development of Cupertino Guides, revived the Informative Template Project, and started the development of a new site.[41][42] However, on 15 February 2020, William Efton stepped down as Chair to pursue other projects in micronationalism but continued to stay in the Cupertino Alliance as a delegate for Aenderia. Efton chose Jayden Lycon as the deputy chair until elections can be held.[39][43] On 7 March 2020, Misberia dissolved, therefore suspending their membership to the Cupertino Alliance.[44][45][46] On 23 March 2020, Millania was expelled from the Alliance by a vote from Parliament due to inactivity.[47]

The Cupertino Alliance held their first 69 Hour Session, donating funds to the Canadian Red Cross.

On 14-17 March 2020, the Cupertino Alliance held its first 69 Hour Session, with all delegates participating in a session to donate to the Canadian Red Cross.[48][49][50]

69 Hour Session

Logo of the 69 Hour Session.

During the 69 Hour Session, the alliance voted on anthem submissions. One of the submissions granted to become an anthem was a video named "Is Jacking Off a Sport?". This resulted in backlash mainly from the Aenderian delegation which later voted to leave the alliance[51][52], and the passing of the Parliamentary Practice Act in an attempt to be more formal. The withdrawal, which was planned on 1 April 2020 was later extended to 5 April to work out an agreement.[53] After a suggestion from Andy Eftin, Aenderia decided to rejoin the Cupertino Alliance if Di Du Dua Di became an anthem[54][55], as well as a report showing how the alliance has attempted becoming more formal was made.[56][57] These requirements were later completed[58], and on 5 April 2020, an agreement was signed and ratified by both parties which suspended the withdrawal process.[59][60]

Rebuilding of the Alliance

The Cupertino Reference Centre on TinyCat on 14 April 2020.
Cupertino Alliance's video election graphics were the first in the community and were first used in the 2020 Ponderosa Hills general election.

Following the incident regarding the 69 Hour Session, the Alliance became more formal. Sessions were improving with the Parliamentary Practice act, programs were being completed, and general interest grew in the CA.

On 30 March, the Cupertino Reference Centre opened on Discord [61] and TinyCat on 13 April 2020[62][63]. Three days later, Millania rejoined the Alliance.[64][60] This followed both the admission of Caddia, Huasgurd, Wegmat, and Patchogue, all were admitted a couple days earlier. On 16 April 2020, the long-awaited Cupertino Earth Week Clean Up was postponed indefinitely at the advice of both Toronto Public Health and Public Health England due to COVID-19.[65][66]

On 18 April 2020, the Millanian delegate notified regarding an incident in Kayutsastan regarding independence. The Cupertino Alliance, alongside others, provided peacekeeping support and eventually got in touch with Tom Kap, the leader of the movement. Kap, Lycon, and Millan later attended a negotiation session, where the rebels surrendered and allowed Kayutsasan to rejoin Millania in return for full amnesty in Millania, a new serene republican government in Kayutsasan as well as other bargaining points.

On 7 May 2020, the Cupertino Electoral Supervisory Commission's Nintendo 64 electorial video graphics was released with the 2020 Ponderosa Hills election, becoming the first video election graphics in the community and replacing Canadian Broadcasting Corperation.[67][68] This received praise from not only member nations but as well as others who praised it on being very professional and official. [69][70]

On 8 May 2020, the Cupertino Alliance, as well as others, attended a constitutional convention in Hausgurd Union of the Crowns and drafted a new constitution based on the current Aenderian Constitution Act, 2020.[71][72] Later, New Port was dismissed from the Alliance due to the dissolution of the country.[73]

New Charter and Continued Success

The Cupertino Alliance Factbook was finished on 14 February 2021 to critical acclaim.

On 16 May 2020, the Cupertino Alliance worked on their new constitution to outline its governance in a single unified codified constitution, replacing several acts.[74] This was passed and fully ratified on 15 June 2020. The anthem fiasco was formally ended with the passing of the Anthems Act, making the Cupertino Alliance have no anthem[75]

On 20 June 2020, various ideas from a Census to the redoing of the Earth Day event[76] were considered, both projected later in the future. Furthermore, the Cupertino Alliance language organization was formed on the idea of Sertor Valentinus in order to preserve near-extent languages.[77]

A Prime Minister (later Lieutenant Chair) position was established on 25 July 2020[78], with Archie Birch winning the office[79]. On 1 August 2020, the first Cupertino Alliance chair election was conducted between Lycon and Valentinus, with Lycon winning 11-2, and 1 abstain.

A surge in demand for membership applications in August 2020 resulted in applications taking more time as the Division of Membership Attainment was backed up, paving the way to the Membership (Reorganization) Act, which abolished the infamous 25 member cap as well as changed the process of membership, including requiring all applicants to go through an observer phase. The Regional Sessions Act was also passed during this time, creating the special ministry called regional ministries, allowing certain ministers to host sessions at times inconvenient to the Chair. The first European / African auxiliary session was held on 20 September 2020 at 3PM UTC or 11AM EDT while the first Asian / Oceanian auxiliary session was held on 25 September 2020 at 10AM UTC or 6AM EDT.

In early September, Sertor Valentinus was temporarily dismissed, marking a new way on how the alliance treated raiding incidents. Valentinus was later reinstated after multiple assessments and changes. A cabinet shuffle was done from late September to October 2020 as a result of various cabinet ministers retiring from the community.

During the month of November, the period was marked with increased session length and session frequency. The month also saw a revival of various projects including the Cupertino Guide and Factbook by the Lycon government, intended to be finished near or after his resignation.

Ross era

The Ross era commenced when Logan Ross, the second Lieutenant Chair of the Alliance under Chairman Jayden Lycon was declared winner of the 2nd Cupertino Alliance chairmanship election in January 2021, later being inaugurated on 15 February 2021.


The duties of the Cupertino Alliance are the increase of activity, peace, development, and cooperation between member states, whilst allowing citizens basic rights, including freedom and the right to justice.[80] The alliance achieves this in multiple ways:

  • Through agreements
  • Through active development planning
  • Through peacekeeping


Agreements make up a core part of the Cupertino Alliance. Nations can choose if they want to ratify a treaty. These agreements have included:

  • Toronto Agreement - This agreement started the ÉtatsToronto program, which allowed free travel between nations who ratified them.[81]
  • Vancouver Agreement - This agreement shared diplomatic status between member nations, therefore increasing diplomatic relations with all member states. (e.g. If nation A starts relations with nation B, and nation B and nation C is apart of the Cupertino Alliance and ratified the Vancouver Agreement, nation A will have relations with both nation B and C.)[82]
  • Stockholm Agreement - This agreement vows that members of the alliance will not declare war on each other and will, at any attempt, use it as a last-ditch effort.[83]
  • Windhoek Agreement - This agreement sets up a unified citizen database.[84]
  • Kano Agreement - This agreement sets up the Cupertino Electoral Supervisory Commission, an amalgamated electorial supervision board.[85]
  • Medellín Agreement - This agreements amalgamates the Official New Eiffel Ratings Board and other film boards to the Amalgamated Film Rating Board[86][87]

Former agreements include

  • Raleigh Agreement - This agreement started the Cupertino Krone, an inter-micronational shared currency[88]. The program was proposed on 2019, brought back at February 2020, and was removed in May 2020.


The Alliance helped in the partition of White Island

The Alliance also develops plans to improve the development of a member nation, that being through achieving good article status, increasing a micronation's score in Freayth's System of Classification, etc.[89]

My current role in the CA will be to go around member nations and boost their development based on guidance and assistance, mirroring the leadership style of Jayden and I [William Efton] in our successful venture to modernize Aenderia out of its past history.

William Efton, 2020

The weather advisory system being deployed on 9 April 2020 in the Republic of Yu-Xia.

Plans have included:

  • Bristol Plan - This plan proclaims that all 4 founding member nation's pages shall become good articles, to create a good article page about a new member, and to set up a magazine about other member nations by 1 June 2020. This plan is de facto abandoned. [90]

Furthermore, the Alliance has also developed many projects to serve the same purpose.

Projects have included:


The Alliance favours pacifism, as this was seen in the Stockholm Agreement. The Alliance provides peacekeeping services, and were last engaged in the Kayutsasan independence conflict between Millania and Kayutsasan.[95][96][97] Furthermore, they are planned to be engaged next in New Germany and Wegmat. Previously, the Cupertino Alliance engaged in the White Island incident [98], as well as indirectly the Robertson Sea Conflict, the Aenderian - Auvenum War, as well as the Matachewan-Nerdystanian War.[a]


Parliament of the Cupertino Alliance
TypeUnicameral legislature
Chair of the Board Dhrubajyoti Roy
Lieutenant ChairTyler Mullins
  Speaker (4)
  Presiding Speaker (1)
  Regional Ministers and Deputies (3)
  Delegates (58)
  Full Member Delegates (54)
  Observer Delegates (4)
Meeting place
Cupertino Alliance Discord

The Cupertino Alliance is comprised of five parts, those being

  • Cupertino Parliament: The legislative body
  • Chair of the Board: A person that supervises Cupertino Parliament sessions and represents the Alliance inter-micronationally
  • Divisions: An organization in the Cupertino Alliance tasked to supervise and manage a specific sector of public administration
  • Superior Court: Judicial part of the Cupertino Alliance
  • Ministers: Delegates who oversee divisions

Cupertino Parliament

The Cupertino Parliament is the legislative and law-making branch of the Alliance. It handles the creation of agreements, admission of members and others within the Cupertino Alliance. It is made up of delegates appointed by member nations. Parliament serves as a channel for discussion between member nations and the alliance. As of 27 February 2020, Parliament meets every week on Saturday, usually at 3 or 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.[99][100] Sessions are recorded in the Cupertino Gazette.


Delegates make up the Parliament and are appointed by the head of state, head of government, or the government of a member nation. Their purpose is to:

  • Vote on legislation
  • Propose legislation
  • Represent the member nation in Cupertino Alliance sessions
  • Represent the Cupertino Alliance in the member nation
Certain retired delegates may receive the Cupertino Service Ribbon for their service to the alliance.

A member nation can appoint up to 3 delegates, with each delegate getting one vote.[101] Furthermore, a delegate can be relieved of their duties at any time at request by their head of state, head of government, government, or 70 percent of the vote from the Cupertino Parliament or when the member nation he/she represents leaves the Cupertino Alliance.[102] Furthermore, a delegate may get kicked by the Alliance for repeated rule violations.[103] Certain retired delegates can obtain the Cupertino Service Ribbon for their service to the alliance.[104]

Chair of the Board

Logan Ross is the current Chair of the Board.

The Chair of the Board acts as the head of state and government of the Cupertino Alliance. The Chair also supervises Cupertino Alliance sessions and represents the Cupertino Alliance in official diplomatic events. The Chair is expected to be politically independent to prevent bias.

The Chair is elected through an election by the delegates every 6 months. A nominee who is interested in the job requires to be a delegate of the Cupertino Alliance during the elections. A person who receives the most votes will become the Chair. The Chair can also be impeached with 70 percent or more majority in the Cupertino Parliament.[105]

The current chair is Logan Ross.

List of Chairs

Name Nation Start of Term End of Term Notes
As Indepedent Economical Union
Piotr Harniakiewicz New Nerdystan.png Nerdystan 20 October 2018 22 January 2019
Brandon Mierzwa Grand Matachewanian Flag.png Matachewan 4 March 2019 13 March 2019 Unofficial
As Cupertino Alliance
Jayden Lycon AendereseFlag.png Aenderia 10 March 2019 1 June 2019
William Efton AendereseFlag.png Aenderia 28 January 2020 15 February 2020
Jayden Lycon QaflananFlag.png Qaflana[b] 15 February 2020 15 February 2021
Logan Ross Aenopia flag.svg Aenopia 15 February 2021 Present
Logan RossJayden LyconBrandon Mierzwa

Superior Court

Zarel Smith, the former Superior Judge, Notary General, and former delegate for Aenopia and the now-defunct New Eiffel

The Superior Court is the organization's intermicronational judicial organ. The Superior Court's duty is to:

  • Provide fair trials to delegates
  • Enforce justice in the alliance
  • Slove conflicts between 2 or more member states
  • Slove conflicts inside the Cupertino Alliance

The Superior Court is headed by a Superior Judge, which is an elected position by the Parliament, and must be a delegate. The current Superior Judge, Brennan Sullivan, was appointed on 16 February 2021 and replaced Zarel Smith.[106][107]


The Ross Cabinet
Chair of the BoardLogan Ross15 February 2021 - present
Lieutenant Chair{{{Lieutenant Chair1}}}15 February 2021 - present
Superior JudgeBrennan Sullivan22 February 2021 - present
Notary GeneralBrennan Sullivan22 February 2021 - present
Minister of Membership
Leon Montan22 February 2021 - present
Deputy Minister of Membership
{{{dAttainment1}}}22 February 2021 - present
Minister of Development
and Interstate Cooperation
{{{DIC1}}}{{{DIC date1}}}
Deputy Minister of Development
and Interstate Cooperation
{{{dDIC1}}}{{{dDIC date1}}}
Minister of European and
African Affairs
{{{EAF1}}}{{{EAF date1}}}
Deputy Minister of European and
African Affairs
{{{dEAF1}}}{{{dEAF date1}}}
Minister of American AffairsThorin Neal{{{America date1}}}
Deputy Minister of American Affairs{{{dAmerica1}}}{{{dAmerica date1}}}
{{{dAmerica2}}}{{{dAmerica date2}}}
Minister of Statistical Affairs{{{Statistics1}}}{{{Statistics date1}}}
Deputy Minister of Statistical Affairs{{{dStatistics1}}}{{{dStatistics date1}}}
{{{dStatistics2}}}{{{dStatistics date2}}}
Minister of Press and Promotion{{{Press1}}}{{{Press date1}}}
Minister of International Cooperation{{{International1}}}{{{International date1}}}
Minister of TechnologyMichael Shepard22 February 2021 - present

Divisions are organizations inside the Cupertino Alliance that consist of delegates. They are similar to a ministry.[108] As of 6 March 2020, the Divisions include:

  • Division of Membership Attainment - This division manages membership obtainment
  • Division of Agreements and Development - This division manages the activity of nations, the promotion, creation, and enforcement of agreements, and the general development of member nations
  • Division of Asian Affairs - This division is focused on the outreach of nations that are located in Asia
  • Division of Environment and Geographical Information - This division is focused on the promotion of environment preservation and researching about geographic areas[109]
  • Division of Public Relations - This division is focused on foreign affairs and public relations outside the alliance.[110]
  • Division of MicroWiki Affairs - This division is focused on the improvement of member nation's pages, as well as manages several CA MicroWiki related projects[111]


Ministers are delegates appointed by the Chair of the Board who heads a division.[112] Their duties include:

  • Supervise their respective divisions
  • Be the head spokesperson of a division

Ministers include:

  • Minister of Agreements and Development - Supervises agreements and promotes the development
  • Minister of Membership Attainment - Manages the membership application process
  • Minister of Asian and Oceanian Affairs - Works with member states which are located in Asia and Oceania to optimize time and other affairs, as well as hosts sessions
  • Minister of European and African Affairs - Works with member states which are located in Europe and Africa to optimize time and other affairs, as well as hosts sessions
  • Minister of Environment and Geographical Information - Supervises and checks geographical information and oversees environmental events
  • Minister of Public Relations - Manages public relations and advertising for the alliance
  • Minister of MicroWiki Affairs - Maintains member nation's MicroWiki pages and supervises all CA MicroWiki related projects

As of 28 September 2020, there are 7 Ministers, those being Matthew Xia,[113] William Efton[114], Cole Baird[115], Sertor Valentinus[116], Leon Montan and Logan Ross respectively, as well as 2 Deputy Ministers, Daniel Hamilton for Asian and Oceanian Affairs and Joseph Peto for European and African Affairs.


Guide to applying for membership to the Cupertino Alliance.

System for Applying

During the first phase of the Cupertino Alliance, members were able to apply for membership based on a 'first come, first serve' system - meaning that a maximum of 2 micronations may join each month, and up to 5 micronations may apply for membership monthly. This was changed during the restart of the alliance. Members will need to apply to the alliance, then representatives from the alliance will take a look at the applying micronation and will write a report on their remarks. The report will then be shown to the members of the Cupertino Alliance and the members will vote to admit the nation to the alliance.[117]

The new system was developed since it ensures that the alliance gets the best members; instead of looking at the nation at face-value, the Alliance will deeply research if a said nation should be admitted.[118] Some examples of reports created by the division include the ones used for admission of both Aenopia and Orientia.

The requirements for admission include:

  • Ratify the Cupertino Alliance mission statement through legislation or other means
  • Be in stable condition
  • Must have been established for more than 6 months (Or have the features that a micronation aged 6 months or older will have)[119]
  • Must have a Discord server
  • Must not have claim disputes with other member nations
  • Must not be in war with any other nation

The Cupertino Alliance also enacted an act to close and self-access the Alliance for a month when the Alliance reaches 25 members, thus removing inactive members. Once the cap is reached, then the Parliament may vote to accept more members or to extend the period of isolation. [120]

List of Members

An example of a nation report made by the Division of Membership Attainment on 11 April 2020 for the United Republics of Antarctica.[c]
Country Code Date Admitted Delegate(s)
Ponderosa Hills Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills PDH 28 January 2020 Leon Montan
Johann Kümmel
Aenopia Empire of Aenopia AEP 24 February 2020 Logan Ross
Republic of Yu-Xia Republic of Yu-Xia YXI 1 March 2020 Matthew Xia
Nathan Jiang
Joel Thierry
Wegmat Federal Union of Wegmat WMT 26 March 2020 Cole Baird
People's Republic of Tesforia People's Republic of Tesforia TSF 26 March 2020 Brennan Sullivan
Kingdom of Pinelandia Kingdom of Pinelandia PLD 15 April 2020 Charles Burgardt
Swannia Swannian Union 15 July 2020 Jared B
Qaflana Qaflana QFA 31 July 2020 Thorin Neal
Jayden Lycon
Asher Young
Humberlea Kingdom of Humberlea HBL 20 August 2020 Nicholas Lokin
Phillip Johnnasan
Saspearian Saspearian SPN 20 August 2020 Anthony I
New Athens The Free Nation of New Athens NAT 10 October 2020 Tyler Mullins
T. Wilson
Archie Birch
Desert District Desert District DSD 29 October 2020 Woland
West Sayville Kingdom of West Sayville WSY 12 November 2020 Sertor Valentinus
Tom Haex
United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark Monmarkian Empire MON 26 November 2020 Alexander I Constantine
Jesus Salazar
Huai Siao Empire of Huai Siao HSI 12 December 2020 Eun Jo
Farhaz Hazarika
Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic LDW 7 January 2021 Mike Lewis
Lurdentania Empire of Lurdentania LDT 11 January 2021 Rory McPhail
Kingdom of Burdette Kingdom of Burdette BDT 4 March 2021 Isaiah David
Vishwamitra State of Vishwamitra VWA 28 March 2021 Dhrubajyoti Roy
Christopher Miller
Waterside Park Kingdom of Waterside Park WAP 7 May 2021 Larry Martin
Wendatia Co-operative Republic of Wendatia WDA 7 May 2021 Jonas Rhymer
Revalia Revalian Kingdom REV 7 May 2021 Sander Koff
Kaarel Luikmel
Hans-Kristjan Volmerson
Novus Hierosolymis Novus Hierosolymis NVH 7 May 2021 Jayden Dagsa
Michael Shepard
Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon NWO 7 May 2021 Carson Snyder
Grant Bruns
Jordan Silva
TC873034198-9-330-400-54-24-ChildTemplate.png The Soyuzist Republic SYZ 7 June 2021 Hicham Soyuz
Empire of Oskonia Empire of Oskonia OSK 1 July 2021 Ezri Ambriz
Belgica Flag.png Belgican Empire BGC 18 July 2021 Mats
Snagov Snagovian Federation SNG 30 July 2021 Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
Kingdom of Pibocip Kingdom of Pibocip PBC 30 July 2021 Phillip Joseph Pillin
KranoyaNewFlag.jpg Republic of Kranoya KNY 30 July 2021 ShayanSJ
Elava Kingdom of Elava ELV 30 July 2021 Harrison Dosen Grunning
Stormhold Imperial Principality of Stormhold STH 30 July 2021 Mephistopheles
William Wilson
Kingdom of Pontunia Duchy of Pontunia PNT 26 August 2021 Andrew Perdomo
Berry kingdom flag.svg Berry Empire BER 7 September 2021 Redberry
 Empire of Ovrestlia 17 September 2021 Thomas Marios

Former Members

Nation Date Admitted Representative(s) Date Left Reason
Untitled722 20191024194320M.png United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum 28 January 2020 Archie Birch 7 March 2020 Nation dissolved
PRO Flag.png People's Republic of Orientia 24 February 2020 22 October 2020 Nation dissolved
Flagofnewport3.jpg Republic of New Port 24 March 2020 2 May 2020 Nation dissolved
ZircinianFlag.png Principality of Zircinia Marcin Baer 4 July 2020 Nation expelled on the grounds of inactivity
Misberia Flag.png Grand Duchy of Misberia 23 July 2020 Archie Birch 7 September 2020 Nation left
Flag of New Eiffel.svg Principality of New Eiffel 8 March 2020

Zarel Smith[d]
Anthony Dickson
Isaac Richards

1 November 2020 Nation dissolved
Flag of Wendatia.png Republic of Wendatia 10 October 2020 Jonas Rhymer 7 November 2020 Nation expelled
Flag of Bepistan.svg Kingdom of Bepistan 1 March 2020 Matthew Laptev Nation left
Flag of Vishwamitra.svg State of Vishwamitra 10 October 2020 Dhrubajyoti Roy
Gheorghe Ștefan Marius
22 November 2020 Nation expelled
Daragonian flag.png Commonwealth of Daragonia 28 May 2020 Iacof ap Sidwofsci Nation expelled
FLAGMNG.png Union of Millania and New Granada[e] 28 January 2020 Nicolás Millán 6 December 2020 Nation expelled
Lytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera 23 June 2020 Alexander I Nation expelled
Efrasachin Flag.jpeg Second Kingdom of Efransa 22 July 2020 Bess Lewes Nation expelled
FlagofNordaleDesign6.1.png Republic of Nordale 11 December 2020 Sophia 22 December 2020 Nation left
FloraniaFlag.png Free Republic of Florania 31 July 2020 Addison Dillon 3 December 2020 Nation dissolved
Grand Republic of Leo Flag.png Republic of Leo 14 January 2021 May Cambridge 9 February 2021 Nation left
AendereseFlag.png Fifth Aenderian Republic 28 January 2021

William Efton

12 February 2021 Nation left
Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Nemkhav Federation 13 November 2020 Marka Mejakhansk 7 March 2021 Nation dissolved
Flag of Georgienstine.svg Social Republic of Georgienstine 11 March 2021 Raphaël Olivier 16 April 2021 Nation expelled
WRC Flag.png West River Confederation 11 March 2021 Benjamin Pickles
Logan Jack
16 April 2021 Nation expelled
Low National Flag.png Republic of Lowenia 11 September 2020 Chandrachur Basu 10 October 2020 Nation merged into State of Vishwamitra
Flag of the Maple Autonomous Region.jpg Maple Autonomous Region 25 November 2020 Sylvie Vaux 16 April 2021 Nation dissolved
Caddiaflag.png Federal Republic of Caddia 31 March 2020 (1st)
25 November 2020 (2nd)
Anna Telford 22 August 2020 (1st)
21 April 2021 (2nd)
Nation expelled
Flag of Regelis.svg Regelis 7 November 2020 Soaring 7 May 2021 Nation expelled
Moletopian Flag.png Grand Duchy of Moletopia 13 December 2020 William I
New Flag of Centralia.png Confederation of Nova Tromsø 7th August 2021 Konstantínos Hockenheim
Tom Mark
15 July 2021 Nation dissolved

Observer States

As of 7 May 2021, there is 1 observer.

Country Representative(s) Date Admitted
TC873034198-9-330-400-54-24-ChildTemplate.png The Soyuzist Republic Hicham Soyuz 7 May 2021


The Cupertino Alliance achieved the highest score in the Dime-Curio Micronational Organisation Poll for March 2020 with a score of 8.17 out of a possible 10.[122] During the Statistic-Dime 2020 MicroWiki General Survey conducted from 4 November 2020 to 15 November 2020 by Zarel Smith, 63.5% of the 63 participants said that the Cupertino Alliance was either very positive or positive, compared to the 42.8% which said that the GUM was either very positive or positive.[123][124]


  1. Under the previous name, IEU.
  2. Formerly Aenderia.
  3. Only the first page of 2 pages in the report are shown.[121]
  4. Zarel later transferred over to the Aenopian delegation team on 8 November 2020 after New Eiffel's dissolution before reigning from his position as Aenopian delegate in January 2021.
  5. Parliament voted expulsion on 23 March 2020, rejoined 2 April 2020


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