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The Cubicverse Kingdom is a new virtual nation state that claims the virtual medieval world of Cubicverse. Cubicverse is an open world medieval themed MMORPG that is owned and operated by the King of the Cubicverse Kingdom which is Austin Rowe aka tobeyrowe in-game. The Kingdom counts all players of the game as subjects of the Kingdom and all activities in-game will fall under the jurisdiction of the Cubicverse Kingdom. The government of the Cubicverse Kingdom is an absolute monarchy with the King as the hereditary ruler of the kingdom.


The Cubicverse Kingdom is an absolute monarchy with the King as the hereditary ruler of the kingdom. The King will have a royal council that will advise the King and help him make decisions for the Kingdom but all final decisions are made by the King. The King is named Austin Rowe in real life and tobeyrowe in the Cubicverse game. A list of government officials and their roles in the government are listed below.

Real Life Name: Austin Rowe In-game Name: tobeyrowe Government Role: King

Real Life Name: TBA In-game Name: TBA Government Role: Prime Minister

Real Life Name: TBA In-game Name: TBA Government Role: Council Member #1

Real Life Name: TBA In-game Name: TBA Government Role: Council Member #2

Real Life Name: TBA In-game Name: TBA Government Role: Council Member #3

Real Life Name: TBA In-game Name: TBA Government Role: Economics Minister

Real Life Name: TBA In-game Name: TBA Government Role: Foreign Affairs Minister

Duties of each government role.

Prime Minister:

The role of Prime Minister is the second highest ranking governmental official right below the King. The Prime Minister is in charge of helping the King with the day to day operations of the government and is the go to person for other government officials and subjects when the King is unavailable.

Council Member:

The role of a council member is to advise and assist the King with decisions for the Kingdom and to help oversee projects that the King puts in place. 

Foreign Affairs Minister:

The role of the Foreign Affairs Minister is to communicate with other micronations and macronations about treaties, mutual recognition, and other international affairs.

Economics Minister:

The role of the Economics Minister is to help the Kingdom grow its economy by promoting job offers to the subjects, creating new ideas for jobs, hiring subjects for government positions, and overseeing the economic development of the Kingdom.


The Cubicverse Kingdom's economy is currently small but is going to grow once the Cubicvese game gets more players and goes into full release stage (its currently at Early Access stage). The currency for the Kingdom is Soul Energy (SE for short) which can be used to buy and sell goods and services within the Kingdom and will eventually be able to be bought using Flux Coins which is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency token that is going to be integrated into the Cubicverse game. The exchange rate for Flux Coins into Soul Energy has yet to be decided but will be shown on this page as soon as it is figured out. Below is a list of jobs available in the Kingdom.

Job Title: Prime Minister Pay Rate: 2,000 SE Monthly Openings: 1 Skills Required for Position: Problem solving, management, advising, and leadership skills.

Job Title: Council Member Pay Rate: 1,000 SE Monthly Openings: 3 Skills Required for Position: Project management and advising sills.

Job Title: Economics Minister Pay Rate: 1,000 SE Monthly Openings: 1 Skills Required for Position: knowledge of economics

Job Title: Foreign Affairs Minister Pay Rate: 750 SE Monthly Openings: 1 Skills Required for Position: Communication, diplomacy, and document writing skills.

Job Title: Player Guide Pay Rate: 500 SE Monthly Openings: 5 Skills Required for Position: Writing, communication, and people skills.

Player Guide

A player guide is a subject that is hired to guide other subjects (Players of the game) and show them how to play the game, answer any questions the players may have, and even chit chat with the players to make them feel welcomed into the Kingdom. Player Guides will NOT ask for any kind of personal information or in-game items/money. If you are asked by a player that says they are a Player Guide to send personal information or in-game items/money then please screenshot the conversation and email it with any other additional information to and put in the subject line of the email "Player Guide Scammer". 

Cubicverse Game Information

Cubicverse is a full role playing game running directly in your browser, doesn't require any plugin and yet offers an experience similar to those isometric role playing games which made history. The game includes an infinite 3D procedurally generated world mixed with staff and user created maps.

You can walk seamlessly across the whole world, never having to wait for a map load (unless you teleport yourself), and yet explore our ever growing universe.

The game runs in an alternate medieval fantastic universe, where magic exists but will require some efforts to gain, where you are able to craft your own items or gather them from your adventures and combats, explore mines and dungeons, meet new people and follow quests and missions.

However the game doesn't stop here, it also offers an area open to player modifications, letting them modify the map at their will, create their own missions and stories and let other player visit it.

The game is free to play, forever, with later on a premium membership which will unlock special abilities.

Join us now, and help us build a new fantastic universe at Cubicverse Game Website or by downloading the game client at Cubicverse The Game Client Download Link

Main features: Infinitely sized world Play as much as you want Free to play Interact with other players Quests and missions Battles against monsters Multiple type of areas Craft your own equipment Brew your potions Melt your ore Live chat Full 3D world Isometric rendering Player owned / handled areas Player written quests Constant updates / improvement

The link to our IndieDB profile page is IndieDB Profile Page

Contact Information

You can contact the Cubicverse Kingdom with any questions and/or comments at