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{{Infobox official 2
| name = <small>[[Imperial Highness|Her Imperial Highness]]</small><br>Crown Princess Caroline
| office 1 = [[Wrythe|Representative of Wrythe]]
| assumed/in 1 = In
| date 1 = 24 December 2011 - 19 November 2013
| hos 1 = Prime Minister
| hos name 1 = {{*}}[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]<br>{{*}}[[Lord Marshal William|Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria]] (acting)
| predecessor 1 = [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]
| successor 1 = [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]]
| office 2 = [[Midget Master|Third Midget Master]]
| assumed/in 2 = In
| date 2 = 31 July 2006 - 4 February 2010
| predecessor 2 = [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Jonathan (II)]]
| successor 2 = [[Midget Fuhrer Thomas|Thomas IV]]
| citizenship = [[Empire of Austenasia|Austenasian]], [[w:United Kingdom|British]]
| ethnicity = [[w:Anglo-Saxons|Anglo-Saxon]]
| residence = [[Imperial Residence]], [[Wrythe]], [[Empire of Austenasia|Austenasia]]
| religion = [[w:Methodist Church of Great Britain|Christian (Methodist)]]
| allegiance = [[File:Noflag.png|25px|border]] [[Midget Empire]] (Sep 2005 - Dec 2009)<br>[[File:Noflag.png|25px|border]] [[Midget Nation-in-Exile]] (Dec 2009 - Apr 2011)<br>[[File:Flag of Austenasia.png|25px|border]] [[Empire of Austenasia]] (Apr 2011 - )
| branch = [[Midget Army]] (Sep 2005 - Jul 2006, Dec 2009 - Apr 2011)<br>[[Austenasian Army]] (Apr 2011 - )
| serviceyears = 2005 - 2006, 2009 - present
| rank = Private (2005 - 2006)<br>Midget Master (2006 - 2010)<br>Private (2010 - )
| unit = [[Midget Army]] (2005 - 2006, 2009 - 2011)<br>[[Centuria II Midgetae]] (2011 - )
| battles = {{*}}[[War of the Midget Hunters]]<br>{{*}}[[War of the Upper Playground]]
'''HIH Crown Princess Caroline''' is the daughter of the former [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|Emperor Terry I]] and the younger sibling of the incumbent [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Emperor Jonathan I]] of the [[Empire of Austenasia]]. As such, she is heir presumptive to the [[Austenasian Monarchy|Throne of Austenasia]], and served as the former [[Midget Master|Third Midget Master]] between July 2006 and February 2010.
After claiming the Throne and losing the subsequent [[Austenasian Civil War]], the Crown Princess was sentenced to a week of exile, which lasted from 7 - 14 August 2010. Crown Princess Caroline does not carry out many official imperial duties, though she often accompanies the Imperial Family to events or when visiting other members of the extended Family. She was elected [[Wrythe|Representative of Wrythe]] in December 2011, and held that office as well as several positions in the [[Cabinet of Austenasia|Cabinet]] until the [[November 2013 Austenasian elections]].
Upon the ascension of Jonathan I to the Throne in January 2013, Caroline became heir presumptive, assuming the title of Crown Princess. She will be displaced from her position as heir by any future children of the Emperor.
==Midget Empire==
Crown Princess Caroline was a member of the [[Centuria II Midgetae|Midget Army]], the inhabitants of a primary school-based micronation known as the [[Midget Empire]], and on 31 July 2006 inherited the title of [[Midget Master]] from her brother, who was leaving the last year of the school. When she returned after the summer holidays, she was unwilling to rule and the Midget Empire fell.
It was six months after she had left the school herself, on 30 December 2009, that she finally issued a decree as Midget Master and founded the [[Midget Nation-in-Exile]]. On 4 February 2010, she decided to abdicate in favour of [[Midget Fuhrer Thomas|Thomas]] (a former commander in the Midget Empire) so that the new Nation-in-Exile would have a strong leader.
Caroline gained the title of Princess when the [[Empire of Austenasia]] was declared an independent state on 20 September 2008. As daughter of the first Emperor, [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|Terry I]], Princess Caroline was second in Line to the Throne.
===Skirmish of the Treasury===
{{Main|Skirmish of the Treasury}}
On 25 May 2009, some friends of the then Princess were invited to the [[Imperial Residence]] after a celebration of her 11th birthday. She promptly led them in an attack on the Prime Minister's Office, defended by [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Crown Prince Jonathan]] and by [[Lord Marshal William|Lord General William]] (who had also been invited). The attackers stole the Treasury, but the defenders were ultimately victorious (with the help of [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|Emperor Terry]]), and Princess Caroline was arrested by her brother.
On 31 May, the Princess was [[Parliament vs. HIH Princess Caroline|held to trial by Parliament]] for her role in the Skirmish. Although found innocent of treason and two counts of high treason due to a lack of evidence, she was found guilty of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit assault, and attempted assault. The Princess was sentenced to several community services and a public apology. The now Emperor Jonathan I and Emperor Father Terry have long since forgiven Caroline for this incident, and although the Skirmish of the Treasury was the first time that the [[Austenasian Army]] fought in defence of the Empire, it is now mostly remembered simply as a time when the Princess and her friends got hyperactive at a party.
===Claim to the Throne and Austenasian Civil War===
{{Template:Imperial Family of Austenasia}}
On 15 February 2010, [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Terry I]] announced that he would abdicate [[Austenasian Monarchy|the Throne]]. [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Crown Prince Jonathan]] refused the Throne so that he could remain Prime Minister, and so it passed to [[Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia|Emperor Esmond III]].
Emperor Esmond, despite not being related to the Imperial Family, had been made second in line to the Throne during October 2009 as a ceremonial honour with the passing of [[Act 105 (Supreme Companion of the Heir)]]. At the time of this honour being granted, it was not expected that Emperor Terry would abdicate so soon, and that when he did Crown Prince Jonathan would refuse the Throne. [[Act 113 (Abdication of HIM Emperor Terry I)]], which enacted the transfer of the Throne, kept the Line of Succession the same as if Terry I were still Emperor. Princess Caroline and her brother thus retained their imperial rank.
On 3 March 2010, Princess Caroline announced that she was making a formal claim to the Throne, stating that although she would not try and overthrow him, she believed that the accession of [[Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia|Emperor Esmond III]] was unlawful and that she should have been next in line after her brother [[Terry I abdication crisis|refused the Throne.]]
The [[Vestry Conference]], held between the Crown Prince, [[Lord Marshal William|Lord General William]] and Princess Caroline was held on Sunday 7 March to attempt to reach a compromise. The talks collapsed, and ended with the declaration of the [[Austenasian Civil War]] after the Princess was arrested for high treason due to stating that she would attempt to depose Esmond III.
Princess Caroline was placed under low-security house arrest in the [[Imperial Residence]]: she was allowed access to the internet and telephones, and could leave the house whenever permission was given by another Wrythe Town Council member for her to do so. Her supporters (the [[Carolinianism|Carolinians]]) were defeated in two battles and the [[Austenasian Monarchical Referendum]]. On 24 May, the war ended with victory for the Emperor.
After losing the [[Austenasian Monarchical Referendum|Referendum]] to the Emperor, Princess Caroline signed the [[Treaty of Ruskin Road (2010)|Treaty of Ruskin Road]] on 23 May 2010, withdrawing her immediate claim to the Throne and denouncing all military support for it. By signing it, she also accepted her punishment of one week's exile for High Treason (announcing her intention to remove the Emperor from the Throne). The Treaty came into force on 24 May, when Esmond III (the final signatory) signed the Treaty.
On 3 June 2010, Princess Caroline issued a statement denouncing continued support for her renounced claim by some North American micronations. She spent her week in exile accompanied by some members of the Imperial Family in the British seaside town of [[w:Sidmouth|Sidmouth]] in August later that year.
[[File:PrincessCarolinePoliticalCompass.png|thumb|right|Crown Princess Caroline's position on the political compass as of December 2012.]]
Princess Caroline met Esmond III in person for the first time when he visited the Imperial Residence on 18 September 2010 for his coronation (they had previously spoken over the phone earlier in the year on 1 April, during the civil war). The friendly greetings exchanged between the two former enemies in front of members of the Imperial Family and the Emperor's [[Orly|Orlian]] retinue helped restore the Princess' standing in the [[Carshalton Nations]]. She became regarded as having rebelled due to a justifiable sense of having been seriously wronged, withdrawing her claim when realising the Austenasian people did not support it, and having served her punishment for causing the war. She was even honoured by the Emperor later that year, given the ceremonial [[Rushymia|Rushymian]] title [[Rushymian Commanders|Commander of the Lower Playground]] in November.
The Princess did not involve herself in politics again until December 2011, when she stood for [[December 2011 Austenasian Local Election|election]] as [[Wrythe|Representative of Wrythe]], winning the seat from her brother on Christmas Eve with 66% of the vote. Later that day, [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]] (Esmond's successor as Emperor) appointed her [[Chancellor (Austenasia)|Chancellor]], [[Chief Ambassador (Austenasia)|Chief Ambassador]], and [[Secretary-General (Austenasia)|Secretary-General]] to the new [[Cabinet of Austenasia|Cabinet]], but she is not regarded as having had particularly successful terms, doing little of note and relying mainly on her brother for direction.
On 20 January 2013, Declan I abdicated. Crown Prince Jonathan succeeded him as [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]], making Caroline the new Heir to the Throne with the title of Crown Princess. Caroline did not stand for the [[November 2013 Austenasian elections]], and was succeeded in her governmental positions by her brother the Emperor. Upon her 16th birthday on 25 May the following year, she was made a member of the [[Privy Council of Austenasia|Privy Council]], and was appointed one of the two [[Austenasian Consul|Consuls]] for 2015 at the start of that year.
==In popular culture==
Crown Princess Caroline has starred in ''[[Cool Barbie]]'', [[Austenasian Television Productions|ATP's]] flagship sci-fi series, voicing the titular character in all three of the original and all ten of the currently published episodes. She also appeared in-person as Moonita, a leader/protector of the toys' kingdoms, in ''Cool Barbie IV'' (2009), ''Cool Barbie VII'' (2012), and ''Cool Barbie VIII'' (2014), as well as Cool Barbie herself (after the character switched bodies with Moonita) in ''Cool Barbie IX'' (2015) and ''Cool Barbie X'' (2016), and has voiced numerous minor characters.
==Titles, styles, honours and arms==
{{Infobox Austenasian Imperial Styles|
imperial name=Crown Princess Caroline|
image=[[File:Imperial Standard of HIH Princess Caroline.png|130px]]|
dipstyle=[[Imperial Highness|Her Imperial Highness]]|
offstyle=Your Imperial Highness|
'''Note:''' From 20 September 2008 to 14 February 2009 there was no established way of honoring members of the Imperial Famliy. As such, during this period Caroline's formal style grew extremely long as various titles and honours accumulated, but is here stated merely as "HIH Princess Caroline", as which she was commonly referred to during this time.
===Titles and styles in Austenasia===
*'''20 September 2008 - 10 January 2009:''' ''HRH Princess Caroline''
*'''10 January 2009 - 19 October 2010:''' ''HIH Princess Caroline''
**'''3 March 2010 - 24 May 2010:''' To Carolinians: ''"HIM Empress Caroline I"''
*'''19 October 2010 - 10 November 2010:''' ''HI&RH Princess Caroline''
*'''10 November 2010 - 20 January 2013:''' ''HIH Princess Caroline''
*'''20 January 2013 - present:''' ''HIH Crown Princess Caroline''
===Midget titles and styles===
*'''31 July 2006 - 30 December 2009:''' ''Midget Master Caroline''
*'''30 December 2009 - 4 February 2010:''' ''Midget Master Caroline III''
*'''4 February 2010 - present:''' Reverted to Austenasian titles and styles (see above)
*{{flagiconstart|Flag of Austenasia.png}} [[Order of the Bullmastiff|Dame of Carothan]], 10 January 2009
*{{flagiconstart|Flag of Austenasia.png}} [[Glorious Order of St. John|Dame of Honour in the Glorious Order of St. John]], 31 January 2009 - 25 May 2016
*{{flagiconstart|Flag of Austenasia.png}} [[Order of the Crown Princess|Dame Protector of the Crown Prince]], 8 February 2009 - 7 March 2010
*{{flagiconstart|Cinnamon_Creek_Flag.png}} [[Order of the Quail|Order of the Quail (1st Class)]], 2 July 2015
*{{flagiconstart|Flag of Austenasia.png}} [[Order of Saint Constantine|Dame Imperial of the Order of Saint Constantine]], 21 May 2016
*{{flagiconstart|Flag of Austenasia.png}} [[Glorious Order of St. John|Dame Companion of the Glorious Order of St. John]], 25 May 2016
===Military commands===
{{flagiconstart|Noflag.png}} [[Midget Master]]: 31/7/2006 - 4/2/2010<br>
{{flagiconstart|Rushymiaflag.jpg}} [[Rushymian Commanders|Commander of the Lower Playground]] '''(honorary)''': 23/11/2010 - 23/7/2014<br>
{{flagiconstart|Rushymiaflag.jpg}} [[Rushymian Commanders|Commander of the Upper Playground]] '''(honorary)''': 8/9/2014
{{Infobox heraldic banner wide
|name              = Crown Princess Caroline of Austenasia
|image            = Imperial Standard of HIH Princess Caroline.png
|notes            = The Crown Princess's personalised standard is [[Imperial Standard of Austenasia|that of the Monarch]] with a label for difference.
|year_adopted = 2011
|escutcheon        = Quarterly 1st and 4th the Austenasian Star 2nd the coat of arms of Carshalton 3rd argent a Chi-Rho gules.
|other_elements    = The whole differenced by a label of three points argent, first charged with a heart gules the third with a laurel wreath vert.
|symbolism        = As with the Imperial Standard of Austenasia. The first and fourth quarters are the flag of the Empire, the second the coat of arms of the [[w:Carshalton|British town from which Austenasia declared independence]], and the third represent both the Christian and Western Roman heritage of the Empire.
{{Ahnentafel top|width=100%}}
|style=font-size: 90%; line-height: 110%;
|boxstyle=padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0;
|boxstyle_1=background-color: #fcc;
|boxstyle_2=background-color: #fb9;
|boxstyle_3=background-color: #ffc;
|boxstyle_4=background-color: #bfc;
|boxstyle_5=background-color: #9fe;
|1= '''HIH Crown Princess Caroline'''
|2= [[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Emperor Father Terry]]
|3= [[Emperor Mother Margaret|HIH Emperor Mother Margaret]]
|4= David Austen
|5= HIH Emperor Mother Bette
|6= Robert Boxall
|7= HIH Emperor Grandmother Joyce
|8= David Austen
|9= Ethel Lever
|10= Percy Beck
|11= Lucy Wakefield
|12= Percy Boxall
|13= May Chilton
|14= Percy Trory
|15= Doris Williams
|16= James Austen
|17= Emily Barry
|18= John Lever
|19= Margaret Hayes
|20= Stephen Beck
|21= Fanny Harding
|22= William Wakefield
|23= Mary Lynch
|24= Harry Boxall
|25= Eliza Gurr
|26= Frederick Chilton
|27= Sarah King
|28= George Trory
|29= Alice Rudram
|30= James Williams
|31= Victoria Fysh
{{ahnentafel bottom}}
{{start box}}
{{succession box|title=Longest ruled head of state of the Carshalton Nations|before=[[Alex of Rushymia]]|after=[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Emperor Jonathan I]]|years=~February 2009 - 27 July 2016}}
{{end box}}
{{start box}}
{{succession box|title=[[Austenasian Monarchy|Line of Succession to the Austenasian Throne]]|before=''Heir to the Throne''|after=HIH Princess Christine|years=1st in Line to the Throne}}
{{end box}}
{{s-hou|[[House of Austen]]|}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Austenasian Monarchy|Heir to the Throne]]|years=20 January 2013 - present}}
{{s-bef|before=Throne established}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Austenasian Monarchy|2nd in Line to the Throne]]|years=20 September 2008 - 25 October 2009}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia|Dark Lord Esmond, 2nd Duke of Highland, SCH]]}}
{{s-bef|before=HIH Princess Christine}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Austenasian Monarchy|3rd in Line to the Throne]]|years=25 October 2009 - 16 February 2010}}
{{s-aft|after=HIH Princess Christine}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Esmond III, Emperor of Austenasia|Dark Lord Esmond, 2nd Duke of Highland, SCH]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Austenasian Monarchy|2nd in Line to the Throne]]|years=16 February 2010 - 20 January 2013}}
{{s-aft|after=HIH Princess Christine}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Midget Master Jonathan (II)]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Midget Master]]|years=31 July 2006 - 4 February 2010}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Midget Fuhrer Thomas|Midget Fuhrer Thomas IV]]}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Wrythe|Representative of Wrythe]]<br>[[Chancellor (Austenasia)|Chancellor of Austenasia]]<br>[[Secretary-General (Austenasia)|Secretary-General of Austenasia]]|years=24 December 2011 - 19 November 2013}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]]}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Chief Ambassador (Austenasia)|Chief Ambassador of Austenasia]]|years=24 December 2011 - 24 June 2013}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis|HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis]]}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis|Eritoshi Augusta]]<br>and<br>[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|Imperator Caesar Jonathan Augustus]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Austenasian Consul|Consul of the Empire of Austenasia]]|years=2015<br><small>with<br>Imogena Eastonii Thanasiae Domina</small>}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Emperor Mother Margaret|Mater Imperatoris Margareta]]<br>and<br>Avia Imperatoris Iocia}}
{{s-bef|before=Vacant<br><small>Last holder unknown, c. 2000</small>}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Rushymian Commanders|Commander of the Lower Playground]]|years=23 November 2010 - 23 July 2014}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Emperor Mother Margaret|HIH Emperor Mother Margaret]]}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Defender of Nibiru]]|years=20 January 2013 - present}}
{{s-bef|before=Lady I. Easton, Baroness of Thanasia}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Rushymian Commanders|Commander of the Upper Playground]]|years=8 September 2014 - present}}
{{s-aft|after=Incumbent<br><small>Term ends 23 July 2018</small>}}
{{s-bef|before=Region created}}
{{s-ttl|title=1st Archduchess of Scandinavia|years=29 January 2015 - 27 June 2016}}
{{s-aft|after=Region dissolved}}
{{s-bef|before=Province created}}
{{s-ttl|title=1st Countess of Nearloch|years=21 February 2009 - present}}
{{s-bef|before=Town (Barony) created}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Wrythe|1st Baroness of Wrythe]]|years=31 January 2009 - present}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]}}
{{s-ttl|title=[[Lord of Muschamp Alley]]|years=20 January 2013 - 25 June 2016}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Adam I of Überstadt|HM King Adam I]]}}
{{s-bef|before=[[Terry I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Terry I]]<br><small>as legitimate Monarch</small>}}
{{s-ttl|title=''Empress of Austenasia''|years=3 March 2010 - 24 May 2010<br><small>([[Carolinianism|Carolinian succession]])</small>}}
{{s-aft|after=''[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]]''<br><small>as ''de jure'' pretender</small>}}
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[[Category:Austenasian Privy Counsellors]]

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