Crown Jewels of Cycoldia

The Crown Jewels of Cycoldia are a collection of crown jewels owned by the monarch of Cycoldia. The collection began at the start of the nation with the Laurel of Cycoldia, which was decommissioned on 6 May 2020 by Christina I and is on display at the Palace of Empreton. The most recent addition to the collection was the Laurel of Imperium, gifted to Christina I by Nikita Chowdree as a 16th birthday present.

Crown Jewels of Cycoldia
Crown of St. Orr
Display Photo of the Crown of St. Orr
Country Cycoldia
Size10 Objects
  • 3 crowns
  • 1 sceptre
  • 2 laurels
  • 2 necklaces
  • 2 rings
OldestLaurel of Cycoldia (Decommissioned)
NewestLaurel of Empreton
OwnerChristina I
The Crown of Imperium in the snow of the Winter Storm of 2021