Council of Justice (Juclandia)

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High Court of Cassation and Justice
Înalta Curte de Casație și Justiție
Royal Coat of Arms of Juclandia.png
Established23 August 2012
JurisdictionKingdom of Juclandia
LocationRoyal Palace Square 6
Jucărești, Juclandia
CompositionElected by the Council of State
Authorized byConstitution
Term length6 months
IncumbentMoș Crăciun
Since12 September 2012

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romanian: Înalta Curte de Casație și Justiție) is the supreme court of the Kingdom of Juclandia and its court of last resort. It nominally serves as a court of last resort, and it is similar to the French Cour de cassation, but due to the fact that most Juclandian states do not have their own courts, it also acts as a normal court for most trials held in Juclandia. The only province to have her own court is Lenia.

The Court was established in August 2012, when the Constitutional Revision of 2012 entered into force. The first set of members of the High Court were elected by the Council of State (the upper house of the Great National Assembly) on 12 September 2012.


No. Term began Term ended President Member Member Member
1 12 September 2012 12 March 2013 Moș Crăciun Bubu Dănilă Carolina Kipling Spiridon Bogi
2 12 March 2013 12 September 2013 Moș Crăciun Bubu Dănilă Alikis Prasinos Merkaki Kalpaks
3 12 September 2013 12 March 2014 Moș Crăciun Bubu Dănilă Azorel Dănilă Sunis Pavluts