Coronation of Astrid of Zealandia

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Coronation of Astrid and the State opening of the Zealandian Storþing
Haakon crowning.JPG
King Haakon being crowned
Date28 September 2013
LocationThing Meadow, Ällaton Kommun, Denton

The coronation of King Astrid as King of Zealandia took place on Saturday 28 September 2013 in Thing Meadow, Ällaton Kommun, Denton.


The planning of the Coronation had been on going since May 2013, when the Storþing elected a select committee consisting of the speaker, Prime Minister and the then Science Minister, the remit included that the monarchy itself must pay for the coronation rather than the state.

Crown Jewels

A major part of the ceremony was the acquiring of crown jewels to be bestowed upon Astrid, these ended up including; a simple gold coloured coronet, the black cane, the royal spoon, a copy of the constitution itself, and the Royal Dagger.
The Royal Spoon is rare as it was made for Astrid by their sister HRH Commander Amanda av Zeelandien, princess royal of Zealandia


The ceremony started with Astrid being identified by Dani Samiday the then Lord High Keeper of Fire and Light, who had custody of the crown jewels.
Astrid was then asked in various order a series of constitutional questions, with each being answered to with a promise to uphold that particular function's intended values; which included upholding the constitutional order, neutrality and guiding the Chamber of Deputies in accordance with the democratic wishes of the Zealandian people.
After answering each question Astrid received the various Crown Jewels, before swearing to uphold the constitution and improve it where necessary, Astrid then signed the constitution and was then crowned by the then Lord High Keeper of Fire and Light followed by cries of Veve le Roi, and Ett Kung för den Folket.
Following the crowning, the then Lord High Keeper of Fire and Light then read aloud a letter written by Astrid which named the court, the Court of St George in Tyrshavn.

State Opening of the Storþing

Immediately following the ceremony, a state opening of the Storþing was convened, with Astrid making a brief speech concerning their hopes for the legislature, followed by a reply from the majority leader and then the King's solemn declaration of the Storþing being opened.


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