Conworlding Institute (DUBS)

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The Conworlding Institute is a state corporation in the Democratic Union of British States responsible for conworlding projects undertaken by the Democratic Union government. It has a single employee, the Director of the Institute, who is appointed by the Lord President. Currently, Horatio Eden is the Director of the Institute, having appointed himself under the provisions of the Conworlding Institute Act.

Conworlding Institute
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Conworlding institute logo.png
Seal of the Conworlding Institute
Agency overview
Formed21st March, 2017
JurisdictionConworlds of the Democratic Union
Annual budget£0
Agency executive
  • Horatio Eden, Director
Key document
  • Conworlding Institute Act


The Conworlding Institute was brought into existence on the 21st of March, 2017, following the enactment of the Conworlding Institute Act, passed by the National Council and signed by Lord President Horatio Eden on the same day. It did not, however, commence activity until the 13th of April, 2017, when Director Eden enacted the first Directorate Order passed by the leadership of the Institute, creating Gaia, the first Democratic Union conworld.


The conworlds created by the institute are not genuine political entities, insofar as a micronational entity can be considered to be genuine; they are political simulations entirely run by the Conworlding Institute and, thus, the Government of the Democratic Union; however, the political entities within the conworlds can be co-opted by members of the public at the Institute's discretion.

Conworlds are created and shut down by Directorate Order, orders that come directly from the Director of the Institute and which are final; there is no intervening legislative process regarding the governance of the conworlding procedure. The Conworlding Institute Act gives the Director broad authority to operate the Institute and the worlds subordinate to it at his or her executive discretion.

There is no legally prescribed limit to the number of simulations the Institute may run at any given time.

Currently, there is only one conworld under the Institute's purview: Gaia, a simulated planet, 12,000 kilometres in diameter, built to house eight separate political entities. The political subdivisions of the landmasses on the planet has not yet been decided by the Institute, and as such the political simulation has yet to commence.

List of conworlds operated by the Institute

ID Name Map Planetary diameter (km) No. of political entities Date of creation Director
CI-E-W1 Gaia   12,000 8 13 April 2017 Horatio Eden