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Constitution of the Federal Republic of Arkonia

This article is about an overiew of the constitution. For full text, see this article.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Arkonia is the supreme governing document in all of Arkonian Territory.



Article I

Article I(or 1) is titled "Declaration of Independence", and contains just one sentence, announcing Arkonia's unilateral secession from the United States.

Article II

Article II(or 2) is titled "State Points", and contains 4 sections, talking about (repectively) the goal of Arkonia, the short-form and long-form name, the capital, and the national language.

Article III

Article III(or 3) is titled "The High Assembly", and contains a main section that focuses on creating the High Assembly. There are also two other sections, the first one dealing with Elections and the second one dealing with Composition. There are four subsections in the second section and three in the third.

Article IV

Article IV(or 4) is titled "Political Parties", and sets out some basic rules for Political Parties. There three sections in this Article.

Article V

Article V(or 5) is titled "House of Representatives", and makes rules for the composition of the House of Representatives. There are two sections in this document.

Article VI

Article VI(or 6) is titled "Passing Legislation", and it has four sections. These sections mainly set out guidelines for when bills/acts can be submitted.

Article VII

Article VII(or 7) is titled "The Prime Minister", and it contains four sections. These sections are rules for how the Prime Minister is chosen and how they are dismissed.

Article VIII

Article VIII(or 8) is titled "The Cabinet", and contains eight sections. These sections lay out all the positions in th cabinet.

Article IX

Article IX(or 9) is titled "Legislative Procedures", and contains rules regarding when Congress should meet and how the Vote of Confidence must be on the legislative ballot. There are two sections in this ballot.

Article X

Article X(or 10) is titled "Amendments" and contains only two sections. Thes sections say that Congress can amend the constitution the constitution, but such amendments must be approved by 4 of the 6 subdivisions and 75% of the populace.

Article XI

Article XI(or 11) is titled "Courts" and contains eight sections, the second of which containing four subsections. These lay out organization and basic rules for the court.

Article XII

Article XII(or 12) is titled "Territorial Subdivisions" and contatins fousr sections, laying out the organization of these sections, and stating that no citizens can be a member of more than one section.

Article XIII

Article XIII(or 13) is titled "Citizenship" and contains seven sections. These sections discuss how sitizneship can be gained and lost.

Article XIV

Article XIV(or 14) is titled "From the Kingdom" and contains four sections, of which two have one subsection each. These section lay out what is transferred from the fromer Arkonian Nation, the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia.

Article XV

Article XV(or 15) is titled "Miscellania", and contains only one section, pertaining to the fact that Arkonia is line with the Universal Decleration of Human Rights.

Article XVI

Article XVI(or 16) is titled "Taking Effect", and contains three sections on how the constitution will be approved.

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