Constitution of Matthewopia

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Constitution of
Created September 2019
Ratified December 2020
Location Queentown
Authors Matthewopia
Signers Matthew Hubbard

The Constitution of Matthewopia is the fundamental law of the Republic of Matthewopia. It was adopted in December 2019 as the first constitution of the nation.

The constitution reformed the structure of the government and divided into nine articles, and made the duties, functions and powers of each branch clear and concise compared to the previous constitution. It also clearly dictated the rights of the citizens and the founders and formal procedure for creating a state or the dissolution or independence of a state.

The Constitution is entirely written in English and composed of around 700 words in total.



This constitution is the backbone of the Matthewopia nation - it shall be the Bringer of Justice, the Waterer of Nature, and the Ashes of Fire.


  • Matthewopian executive power will be composed of - 1, the King/Queen. A non-elected position with absolute executive power
  • When the king is unable to perform its duties, an elected position, the Chancellor takes power until the king can do it again.
  • The King can Veto/Decreto once each month, He also can appoint ministers and decide on diplomacy. He can also command the RMA (Royal Matthewopian Navy).
  • Ministers manage their ministry with executive power and are appointed or removed by the King or the Chancellor.
  • The First Minister can appoint and remove ministers but has no other power. The position is elected.
  • The House of Representatives has no real power and its only duty is to suggest what to do the General Assembly.
  • The general assembly is where all important matters and laws are discussed. Everyone minor or adult votes and proposes here. The entirety of the body is managed digitally.


  • The judicial system is managed by the Justicia Division of the Police.
  • The sentenced can Appeal and it will be reviewed by an Associate Judge.
  • The sentenced can High Appeal and it will be reviewed by the King, Chancellor or Chief of Police. If dismissed the appealer will get an extra sentence.
  • The sentences shall only be made and thought for REHABILITATION, not for PENALTY.


  • All levels of education shall always be free.
  • Children must enrol in some form of education at the age of 6 (public school, private school, home school, juvenile discipline school)
  • If a crime is committed at an education facility, a report must be filed by the Ministry of Education detailing the strategies that with reduce a second repercussion.


  • Right to education
  • Right to healthcare
  • Right to freedom
  • Right to eat
  • Right to drink
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to show off your body
  • Right to live


  • Prisons must be designed for rehabilitation not for penalty.
  • Guards should only use excessive force on prisoners if they are non-compliant.
  • Committing a crime in prison is will result in a second sentence, be it the guards who committed the crime or the prisoner.
  • All prisons are unisex.
  • All prisoners can have a cat/dog, provided by the Animal Welfare League. Prisoners can keep it when they get out of prison.


  • You can carry firearms with a valid license issued by the Ministry of Defence.
  • You can only own, use and sell legal drugs. A list of legal drugs is available from the Ministry of Health.
  • Selling legal drugs to tourists is allowed if you pay taxes (2% of the cost)


  • The legal age of consent is 16. A person 16 and 17 years of age can only have sex with someone else the same age as them.
  • The legal age for prostitution and adult services is 18.
  • Gay marriage/relations are allowed.
  • Gays and infertile relationships can adopt a son/daughter. The adoption must be recognised by the Minister for Youth Services to be legal. Otherwise it is recognised as kidnapping, which is illegal.


  • Citizens must fill out an application and undertake a criminal record screening to become citizens and have all rights and obligations.
  • Residents must be approved by the immigration officer and undertake a second criminal record screening.


  • The ecology of Matthewopia and all other areas of the world must be treated as our priority.
  • Ecology-corrupting enterprises are illegal. All staff and volunteers associated with these enterprises will be individually trialled at court.
  • Anyone who significantly damages the ecology of Matthewopia will be trialled. If the citizen damages ecology overseas, then that person will be trialled in a Matthewopian court as well as by foreign governments.

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