Constantia Pact

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Constantia Pact
TypeIntermicronational Union

The Constantia Pact, often abbreviated as CONPACT, is a semi-confederal organization of micronations established in October 2020. Currently, four nations are members of the organisation; Australis, Naveria, the CSA, and the Ardenturia. The Kingdom of Dominel also participates in the Pact, as an observer state. The organization stems from micronational social group The Fun Gang, whose members are much the same as the CONPACT. Zed and Ouija are stateless observers, while Jayden Lycon and Sertor Valentinus are not part of the organization. Currently, the Chair of CONPACT is Daniel Roscoe, who won 75% of the votes on an election hosted on 25 October 2020.