Conservational Party of Humanytaria

The Conservationals are the official and only Conservative party out of the 8 parties of Humanytaria. They are the 3rd largest party. Run by Zoe C, the party is known for unlawful propaganda, a crime which is restricted and is on the verge of being outlawed.

Conservational Party of Humanytaria
The Tories or Conservational Zoes
LeaderZoe of Humanytaria (Party Leader)
Zoe of Humanytaria
Rut of Humshom
FoundedMay 7th, 2015
HeadquartersROLN, Humanytaria
NewspaperZoe View
Youth wingR U READY?
Membership  (eternal)5
Official coloursBlue


A small conservative minority were sick of the once liberal domination of Humanytaria. The current minister of science and charity, took it onto themselves to establish a minor conservative party to give the right minority a voice. Unexpectedly, the party grew, taking in more members than the New Party and Martials combined, leading to the eventual collapse of both parties. After the Liberals combined with the Originals, the Conservationals were left with a outstanding position of 3rd member-wise.