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(August 2018)
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===August 2018===
===August 2018===
*On August, 25th, [[West Springfield]] officially recognized the [[w:Republic of Lakotah|Republic of Lakotah]].

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This page'll focus on the doings of the West Springfield National Congress. The National Congress is the only lawmaking system in the West Springfield Federation.

The West Springfield National Congress convenes on the 28th of every month in Alexandria C.T.


July 2018

This is the first time the National Congress met. However there was no representative from the state of Kay Pointe, so everything was agreed upon unanimously. The following is what passed:

  • Soren was named President, Dallas was named National Administrator, and Alex was named the Military General.
  • The Capital was named Alexandria.
  • States that, if they have the majority vote in their respective territory, can legally secede.

August 2018