Confederation of Galecia

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Confederation of Galecia

Al ĉiu laŭ siaj bezonoj, de ĉiu laŭ siaj kapabloj (Esperanto: To each according to their needs, from each according to their abilities)
Central Texas
Capital cityAkvo
Largest cityŜtono
Official language(s)Esperanto
Official religion(s)None
Short nameGalecia
LegislatureDirect democracy (local)
Area claimed0km²
Population1 (as of 2020-06-04)
CurrencySoviet ruble (₽)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportFencing
National animalCat

The Confederation of Galecia, more commonly known as Galecia, is a confederation of communes, states, and micronations concentrated in Central Texas.

Citizens participate in a democratic system free of corruption.

The primary objectives of the Confederation of Galecia are to provide an alternative to macronational life and to oppose capitalism on a local and global scale.


The origin of the name Galecia comes from the Esperanto word egaleco, meaning "equality".


The Confederation of Galecia was founded on 29 May 2020. Its functions have been indefinitely suspended since 7 June 2020.

On 6 June 2020, the nation co-founded the Communist Trade Confederation alongside the Communist Union of Almendria.

Politics and government

The government of the Confederation of Galecia is mostly decentralized. Citizens are encouraged to establish their own communes run by direct democratic processes. However, the federal Galecian government has adopted a more authoritarian approach to governing for efficiency and effectiveness.

Law and order

Policing is entirely voluntary in the Confederation of Galecia.

Foreign relations

The Confederation of Galecia allies itself economically with members of the Communist Trade Alliance, and militarily with the Military Alliance of Micronations. The nation is also a member of the Micronational International.


The Confederation of Galecia does not maintain a permanent military, nor does it engage in military conflict with foreign powers. However, citizens are encouraged to arm themselves in self-defense.

Geography and climate

The geography and climate of the Confederation of Galecia varies greatly since the nation is spread across the globe.


The Confederation of Galecia is communist and does not accept foreign currency in trade. The accumulation and circulation of currency other than Soviet-era Russian Rubles is strictly illegal within the nation, although it is legal for citizens to make foreign trades in which they give foreign currency in exchange for material goods.

Trade is mostly conducted within the Communist Trade Confederation.

Culture and media

Galecians are accepting of a diversity of cultures from across the world, but do not have their own unique culture as a whole.

There is no official Galecian media.