Confederate States of Occitania

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Confederate States of Occitania
Etats confédérés d'Occitanie(fr)

Volem viure al Pais!
We want to live in our country ! (English)

Te deum

Capital cityOranje
Largest cityOranje
Official languageFrench (de jure)

- President Didier Montaudran
Formation7 June 2015
Area Claimed250 m²
CurrencyOccitan Ruble
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy



The confederation was founded the 07 june 2015. After the creation of the micronation, a military council took power. The country was ruled in an authoritarian manner.On 27 June 2015, Didier Montaudran has been named president by the military council. Since it reformed the constitution and it has democratized the country.


The confederation is divided into three oblast : Nassau,Transvaal and Oranje.


French is the only official language.Three other languages have official status ( English, Hebrew and Dutch ). The Occitan language haven't any status but is constantly used in the country.

Foreign Affairs

The micronation has only two formal diplomatic relations.

  • Surland 29.6.2015
  • Nedland 17.7.2015

The Confederation recognizes :

  • Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Republic of China ( Taïwan )
  • Republic of Korea
  • State of Israel
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Republoc of Armenia
  • Kosovo

The confederation has strong ties with Armenia and Israel.


Name Date Notes
New Year 1 January Nonworking day
Yom HaShoah April Moment of silence ( Working Day )
International Workers' Day 1 May Nonworking day
Eurovision S.C May Nonworking day
National Day 7 June Nonworking day
Oradour's day 10 June Moment of silence ( Working Day )
Albigensian's day 1 August Moment of silence ( Working Day )