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|seats1 = {{composition bar|0|6|hex=#ED4B32}}
|seats2_title = [[Reichsversammlung]]
|seats2_title = [[Reichsversammlung]]
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LeaderConnor Stumperth
Deputy LeaderTarik Karjasari
Founded10 July 2020
Preceded byPirate League
Membership  (2020)6
Pirate politics
Economic development
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colours     Red
0 / 6
3 / 13

The Confederals (German: die Konföderative) are a political party in the Abeldane Empire founded in July 2020. They are the successor party of the Pirate League, which was disbanded in the aftermath of the Concordiagate scandal.[1]

At large, the party stands for greater autonomy for federal states and the establishment of a rotational succession of the Imperial Throne among state monarchs.[1] These issues are currently being debated in the ongoing Constitutional Convention.[2]