Concordian Unional Organisation

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Flag of The Concordian Unional Organistation
Motto: "Durci ensemble" (French)
"Hardened together"
Anthem: "Ode to Joy" (orchestral)
Administrative centerÎle à Dumais
Working languageEnglish
TypePeace making organisation
GovernmentSupranational and intergovernmental
• Chairman
Aidan I
• Secretary General
Cameron I
• Supreme Justice
Establishment5 April 2019
• Creation bill passed
6 April 2019
• Constitution drafted
7 April 2019
25 April 2019
CurrencyQuébécois Dollar
Ikonia Kyro
Kapresh Dollar
Time zoneUTC-5; UTC-4 (Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone)

The Concordian Unional Organisation, commonly abbreviated as the CUO, is an intergovernmental organisation with the aim of helping keep peaceful relations between micronations, with a general focus on its own member states and observers. Based around the MicroWiki Community and founded in April of 2019, the CUO currently has 4 members.


In spring of 2019, two months after the end of the World Micronational Commite, Aidan McGrath, president of Quebec, wanted a new more organized organization after leaving the League of Nations, He set out to create what is the modern day ICoU.