Concord, Holderton

The Dukedom of Concord (also City of Concord or His Majesty's District) is a Baustralian city and the capital of the province of Holderton. It neighbours Cascadia and serves as the residency of the Royal Family. The title of Duke usually goes to the heir apparent to the throne, however, since there is none, it is used by the monarch.

Dukedom of Concord

Nickname(s): His Majesty's District
Country  Baustralia
Region  Canadian Baustralia
Province  Holderton
 - Duke John I, Duke of Concord
 - MP John Timpson, MP
 - Total 4

The successor to the royal district, His Majesty's District, it holds the same area, and is connected to the rest of the province with Holderton Road 40B.