Commune of Roosevelt

Roosevelt, officially the Commune of Roosevelt, is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be apart of a self proclaimed sovereign nation, People's Republic of Adonia, otherwise known as a micronation. Based in North America, The land in Roosevelt is enclaved by the United States with some borders being shared with other micronations, including the Maritime Republic of Misberia and Plushunia.

Commune of Roosevelt



By The Power of The People and Tabaldak
Forgeons Notre Parti
Roosevelt Map Adonia.png
Machias, Maine
Capital cityPortograd
Largest cityRoosevelt
Official language(s)English & French
Recognised languagesAll languages
Official religion(s)Downeast Catholic Church
Short nameRoosevelt
GovernmentAdonian Socialist
- GovernorOtto Gillespie Birch
LegislaturePolitburo of Roosevelt
- Type - Adonian Commune
- Number of seats - 1
Established20 November 2020
Area claimed0.05 km²
CurrencyAdonian Kolkata
Time zone(AST)
National sportCycling
National dishWhoopie Pie
National drinkMoxie
National animalBarn Owl

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The Commune is governed as a Unitary Commune, with a Governor as head of state and as head of government, overseeing the Politburo of Roosevelt. The first and incumbent Governor is Otto Gillespie Birch, notable for being a the founder of the region and leading the region during all of its history going back to the 20th of November 2020. The current Politburo is vacant.


The commune is named after Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of The United States. The Commune of Roosevelt is officially translated into the three national languages of Russian, German and Polish as well as the regional language of French.

English National Languages Regional Languages
Commune of Roosevelt Translations
Commune of Roosevelt Коммуна Рузвельта,
Gemeinde Roosevelt,
Gmina Roosevelt
Commune de Roosevelt


The Commune of Roosevelt was formally founded as the Commune of The Birch on the 20th of November 2020 with a population of one and a small holding near Otto Gillespie Birch's residence. On December 25th 2020, The Commune of the Birch formally renamed itself to The Commune of Edes. On January 14th 2020, new land was claimed for the region in Machias, Maine as well as a population boost of four with Jamie Birch and three of his siblings joining. The Commune of Edes was disbanded on March 1st, 2021 following Otto Gillespie Birch's leaving of the community. The Commune was revived on the 15th of March following Otto's return to the community. However, following inactivity within the Adonian Government, the commune was disbanded once again. In August 2021, the commune was revived under the name of the Commune of Roosevelt.


The Commune of Roosevelt's government is run as a communist system ruled by a Governor, who overseas a regional politburo. The Commune of Roosevelt is one of the three communes of People's Republic of Adonia, being the newest commune founded. All of the political power and authority in the Commune are held with the Governor as head of state and head of government, called the Politburo of Roosevelt.

North Roosevelt Unit

Scouting within the Commune of Roosevelt has a rich history of scouting connected to the Boy Scouts of America, with the founder of the unit being an Eagle Scout and being a life long scouter. The NRU focuses mainly on the outdoors and the education of those in the outdoors to ensure a fun environment. The NRU also focuses on community service, which echo's the Boy Scouts of America's Order of the Arrow mission with the Boy Scouts.

Adonian Worker's Party of Roosevelt

The Adonian Worker's Party of Roosevelt, more commonly referred to as the AWPR, is a far-left political party in the Commune of Roosevelt that has been described as an off shoot and regional party of the Worker's Party of Adonia. The party promotes the combination and harmony of Adonian Socialism and Communitarian Arborism.


Geography and Climate

Tito Weather Rock

To the south and east is the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west is the state of Maine. With over 90% of its total land is forested or on the coast, Roosevelt is in the temperate broadleaf and mixed forests biome and is covered by the mixed oaks of the Northeastern coastal forests. Roosvelt has almost 1km of ocean coastline and almost 1 km of land claimed.


Roosevelt has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb), with warm and sometimes humid summers, and long, cold and very snowy winters. The nation sees milder winters and cooler summers than inland regions as it mainly located on the coast. Daytime highs are generally in the 75–80 °F (24–27 °C) range throughout the state in July, with overnight lows in the high 50s °F (around 15 °C). January temperatures range from highs near 30 °F (−1 °C) on the southern coast. Precipitation in Roosevelt is evenly distributed year-round, and a slight late-fall or early-winter maximum along the coast due to "nor'easters" or intense cold-season rain and snowstorms. On the coast, the late spring and summer months are usually driest.

The Commune of Roosevelt has its own weather station, that being of Tito Weather Rock, in honor of the late Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. The weather station provides weather reports updates in the moment and is a loved piece of the Commune and was established on the fifth of November 2021. The station saw the Commune's first snow on the seventeenth of November with a mild dusting reported with freezing rain and high winds reported soon after.

Climate data for Maine
Commune of Roosevelt
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 26
Average low °F (°C) 4
Source: Weatherbase


See more: Culture of Misberia

The culture of Roosevelt embodies the artistic, culinary, humor, political and social elements that are representative of Misberians. Throughout Misberia's history, its culture has been influenced by European culture and traditions, mostly by the British and French, and by the Wabanaki Confederacy. Over time, elements of the cultures of Misberia's international populations have become incorporated to form a Misberia cultural mosaic.

Misberian culture is often characterized as being very diverse, progressive and libertarian. Misberia's Royal Government has often been described as the instigator of multicultural ideology because of its public emphasis on the concepts of pluralism and open mindedness. Misberia's culture draws from its broad range of nationalities, and policies that promote a just society are constitutionally protected. Misberian Government policies— such as, promotion and advocacy of LGBTQ+ communities, climate change education and advocacy and the promotion and advocacy of the Educational and Special Education fields — are social indicators of the country's political and cultural values.

The Roosevelt government takes inspiration from Misberian culture as well as Adonian culture to meld into a unique North American culture. The community of Roosevelt reflects the adoption and melding of Adonian Socialism as well as Communitarian Arborism, as well as the adoption of a Scout Organization, named the North Roosevelt Unit, akin to the Boy Scouts of America and the Adonian Scout League.