Commonwealth of Perisia

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Commonwealth of Perisia
2nd Flag.jpeg
Perisian Coat of Arms.png
Temporary Coat of Arms

Perisia Map.png
The Blue Dot indicates where Perisia is located
Capital cityStarlightia
Largest cityStarlightia
Official language(s)English
Short namePerisia
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
- PresidentAlex Gray
EstablishedMarch 23, 2017
Time zoneEastern: UTC-5/-4

The Commonwealth of Perisia is an overseas territory of the Florian Republic located in the northern part of Kentucky of the United States of America. The capital and largest city is located in Starlightia.

The Government of Perisia is a Democratic Republic and is still currently being developed, with the help of the Florian Republic. It can declare independence at any time through a referendum.


The Government is a Democratic Republic and has the goals to be balanced. The president will cover diplomatic manners and will listen to the voices of the people to get an understanding and learn how the country can be made be suitable for all citizens. The president, as well as any individual, are welcome to propose bills at any time, as long as their willing to follow the correct procedure. Even though it is current a two person nation, the country does plan to develop and have a house and Senate.

Citizens have right of individuality (freedom of speech, press, etc) and cannot be denied rights on account of race, age, sex, or religion.


While the total area is to be determined, the nation is entirely suburban with some trees and is hilly. The country is looking forward to hopeful expansion.


Summer are generally hot and humid, while winters range from cool to cold. The nation has moderate precipitation year-round and it is normal to have severe weather.


Perisia was created on March 24th, 2017 after Alex Gray began to research on Micronations and declared the nation as something for fun and as a fun project to teach himself about government. He declared himself president of the nation. On the 12th May 2017 the micronation joined the Florian Republic as an overseas territory.