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Konigreich of Eganshire
Konigreich d'Eganshire (French)

Flag 1eganflag.pngCoat of arms 1egancoatofarms.png

For Konig and Homeland
Capital cityLenoway
Official language(s)English, French
- KonigChristopher Kimyona
- KoniginVacant
LegislatureThe Konig's Court
EstablishedJuly 10th, 2017 (as Egan) September 30th, 2018 (as Eganshire)
Area claimed0.055 sq. km.
Time zoneEganese Standard Time
National sportSenet
National drinkMaple Milk
National animalSquirrel
Patron saintJohn Baker

Work in Progress

The Konigreich of Eganshire (EE-gen-shy-er), commonly known as Eganshire, or just Egan, is a 1 year old micronation located in Montreal, Canada. It was founded on July 10th, 2017, and it is led by Konig Christopher Kimyona.


Eganshire is a Konigreich, a form of monarchy led by a Konig. The current Konig is Christopher Kimyona I. The heir to the throne is Jake Kimyona I, second cousin of Christopher.


Eganshire claims six territories:

-Lenoway - Eganshire's forested capital

-The Harven Parcels - A suburb of Lenoway

-Scammington - A suburb of Lenoway

-Metallo - Located in a park near Scammington

-Corringham Gardens - Located by Monk Metro Station

-Peanut Island - Located in Lake Louisa


Egan has an economy worth 90 Lid ($56 CAD) but there are only a couple dozen Lid in circulation. Lid with a printed number on it is worth 50% more than a non-printed Lid.