Commonwealth of Ambestan

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Commonwealth of Ambestan
Latvian: Sadraudzība no Ambestāns

Flag of New Ambestan.pngFlag of New AmbestanState Seal of New Ambestan.png Seal

Freedom has no price.
We are with New Ambestan! (We are with Marshal Tito!)
Capital cityCūrania
Largest cityCūrania
Official language(s)English, Latvian and Ambestani
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameNew Ambestan
DemonymNew Ambestani
- PresidentIggy Hockenheim (appointed)
- PresidentIggy Hockenheim
LegislatureParliamentary Democracy
- Type - Unicameral
Established7th July 2020
CurrencyNew Ambestani Krone
Time zoneUTC+03:00 (EEST)
National animalBloodhound
Patron saintSt. George
Ambestan recognises New Ambestan as a rebel state.

The Commonwealth of Ambestan, informally known as New Ambestan, is a state that declared independence from Ambestan (or the Ambestani AR) following the Almendrian Crisis.


The name 'New Ambestan' comes from the name of the former state of Ambestan.


After the occupation of Ambestan ended and it became an Autonomous Republic once again, Iggy wanted Ambestan to be a fully democratic state. Because of the the Ambestani President's allegiance with Tizian (the Almendrian de facto dictator) and the civil unrest in all of the Almendrian States, New Ambestan followed the footsteps of the Federation of Almendria and declared independence.