Commonwealth of Altavia

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Founded on the 17th of December, 2019, Altavia is within the USA.

Commonwealth of Altavia

MottoLibertatis, Unitatis, Salutem

(English: Freedom, Unity, and Safety)

AnthemChopin Nocturne in E flat Op. 9 No. 2
Capital city Kopitealeski
Official language(s) English, Toki Pona
Short name Altavia
Demonym Altavian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Duke Lukas Hovheanes I
Legislature Kyotaoszajaz
Established December 17, 2019
Population 3
Currency Altavian Oszau


From December 18 to December 30, 2019, there was a civil war in Altavia. After we declared independence from the USA as the Kingdom Altavia, The Altavian National Front, or the ANF, then declared independence from us, and the Altavian Monarchsts Party, or the AMP, invaded their territory, seeing it as a threat to our nation. The SNF had been pushing the AMP back towards the capital, at the battles of Ebony Hill and Mount Cornerstone, but lost at the battle of St. Sonia. The SNF then invaded Maple Grove National Park, but were defeated at the battle of Maple Grove. After the ANF loss at Bottleneck, the AMP were in striking distance of their capital. The AMP sieged the capital during the First Battle of Alexandria, but were pushed behind the Bottleneck. The AMP then crossed the Bottleneck at the battle of Camp Dhalada, which was an AMP victory. Then, at the Second Battle of Alexandria, the ANF surrendered, and the New Year's Convention in Kopitealeski, the AMP formed the Commonwealth Altavia, and the ANF formed the National Republic of Alexandria.

We are planning a second invasion of Alexandria on the 5th of January, and I will update after the battle.


Altavian Civil War

Territorial Claims

The Commonwealth of Altavia claims territory south the cities of Bonney Lake, Washington, and Mooresville, Alabama.



The Duke/Duchess of Altavia is part of the Royal Family of Hovheanes, and has equal power as the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is appointed through the Kyotaoszajaz, and is the leader of the Kyotaosajaz. They have equal power as the Duke/Duchess


The Kyotaoszajaz is the legislature of the Commonwealth, and is elected through proportional representation (30% of the votes = 30% of the chairs). There are 10-15 chairs, and any party can take any amount of chairs. The highest voted candidates from the three parties lead the Kyotaoszajaz meetings. The Duke then appoints a Prime Minister, and they are the director of the Kyoaoszajaz.

Political Parties

There are 3 political parties. These are:

Altavian Monarchist Party

The AMP is a Monarchist Party, and is Totalitarian Center-Left. Their motto is, "United we stand, Divided we fall."

Altavian National Front

The ANF is a Republican Party, and is Totalitarian Middle-Right. They are not anti-monarchy. Their motto is, "Stand with the Commonwealth."

*The Civil War Era ANF has become the Alexandrite Nationalist Party (ANP).

United Civic Forum

The UCF is a Republican Party, and is Anarchist Center-Right. They are anti-monarchy. Their motto is, "For the Commonwealth, Together for eternity."


Nation States with which we recognize

Principality of Sealand

Grand Republic of Cycoldia

Republic of Benjastan

Empire of Aeternia

Republic of Molossia

Grand Duchy of Westarctica

Republic of Kosovo

Republic of China

Republic of Korea

Republic of Abkhazia

Guaido-Run Venezuela

Nation States we do not recognize

People's Republic of China

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Republic of Belarus

Republic of Eritrea

Republic of South Ossetia

Maduro-Run Venezuela


Foreign Ministry

The Commonwealth Foreign Ministry is the Altavia organization for diplomatic relations with other micronations. Contact the Commonwealth Foreign Ministry on if you want diplomatic relations with us.

Commonwealth Armed Forces

The Commonwealth Armed Forces (CAF) is the military of Altavia. Unlike most Armed Forces, all CAF soldiers must be trained in both the navy and army (there is no airforce). Conscription is not enforced.

Order of the Sabre

The Order of the Sabre is the chivalric order of the Commonwealth of Altavia.

Quick facts

Full name: Commonwealth of Altavia

Short name: Altavia

Sovereign Duke: Lukas Hovheanhes I

Prime minister: Colin Hovheanes

Location: USA

Languages: English, Toki Pona

Demonym: Altavian

LGBTQ+ rights: Yes

Censorship of press: No

Secularism: Yes

Freedom of speech: Yes