Commonwealth Checkers League

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ASWOCC Checkers League
Organising body Aswington Checkers Federation
Nova-Occitanian Checkers Federation

Founded 2020

Country  Occitanian Commonwealth
*  Aswington
*  Union of Nova-Occitania

Confederation MOF

Last appearance 2019

Number of teams TBD

ASWOCC Checkers League, is an Aswingtonian-Occitanian professional league for association checkers players. At the top of the both countries checkers league system, it is the primary checkers competition.


The ASWOCC Checkers League was founded by Babou Chkaya who was both Minister of Sports in Aswington and Nova-Occitania. This league is part of the cultural work of the Occitanian Commonwealth.

The league's inaugural season is the current one, the 2020 ASWOCC Checkers League.

Competition format

Throughout the year the players compete against each other, until they obtain a sufficient number of matches, a number established each year.


Performance by players