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"Keep the cogs whirring then strike when the tea is hot"
Capital cityCog City
Largest cityCog City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)TBA
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Main LeverAdam I
Area claimedTBA


Coglovia is a was founded on 17 November 2012 but almost a month of inactivity followed until the constitution had been fully drawn up. Coglovia has not claimed independence or sent a letter to the UK foreign office. It is an absolute monarchy with four territories in north east Yorkshire (Scarborough). Coglovia has a population of 3.


The name "Coglovia" originates from the state's national symbol, the cog, and it's values of scientific and technological advancement.


Early Coglovia

Coglovia was founded on 17 November 2012 but almost a month of inactivity followed until the constitution had been fully drawn up. The website was launched on the date of the foundation. The new constitution was finally completed on 16 December. The constitution was later altered to later allow editing of the constitution once monthly. The first contact with other micronations occurred on the 21 December 2012.

Inactivity and New Life

During late January and early February 2013 there was inactivity in Coglovia however on the 19 February 2013 Coglovia joined the Micronational Leaders Union spurring the young nation back into activity. A new draft of the constitution is in progress. Which did not happen due to a general lack of input from the Main Lever and the dissolution of the Micronational LLeaders Union almost a month later. The project was then put on the back burner. It was then recently decided that the nation to be scraped back to its basic values and re-made from the bottom up as so far there have not been enough citizens to form a government.

Government and Politics

Coglovia is an absolute Monarchy with the Main Lever as the head of the state. The current Main Lever is Main Lever Adam I. The constitution may be edited and added to every month with its ratification and announcement of changes the following day. The constitution is currently however under development.

Foreign Relations

Coglovia has a similar foreign policy to that of Sandus whereby mere contact with another micronation results in immediate recognition. Coglovia currently recognises Sandus and Austenasia which were the first micronations contacted by Coglovia. Coglovia in return is currently recognised by Sandus.

Culture and Values

Coglovia promotes scientific and technological development. A center of Science is planned as a home for astronomy, archaeology and robotics in the future. Because Coglovia is relatively new the culture is relatively basic. A botanical garden is to be unveiled towards the end of April with a variety of plants.

External links

This is the state website: Website