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Coat of arms of Verd'land
Coat of arms of Verd'land.svg
Supportersfox and fennec[1]

Coat of arms of Verd'land (Verd'landian: Cariɩ geresul Vẽrdɩlandielor; Czech: Státní znak Zelenozemska) is the official symbol of Verd'landian Malgartship.


Coat of arms consists of shield quartered to 2 red (upper left and lower right) and 2 green (upper right and lower left) parts. On the both of 2 red quarters white silhouette of crowned lion's head is depicted. Upper and lower green quarters contain the lemon-yellow silhouettes of fennec's and fox's heads respectively.

The elements

  • White crowned lion — symbol of the Czech nation and stateship. Two heads, present in each half of shield and located in the same quarters as lion figures on official Czech coat of arms, symbolize tribute to Czech Republic, allegiance to it, friendship and unbreakable bonds of Verd'landian and Czech nations.
  • Fennec — sign of Verd'landians of Estuarian type. Symbol of science, development and progress together with closeness to nature, spirituality, lyricism, romance and intimacy. Also shows intention to protect this all from external threats and agressors. Fennec is positioned above the fox, that means prevalence of the related values.
  • Fox — symbolizes common Verd'landians, their deity (Verd, who is an anthropomorphic fox), culture and rural quiet lifestyle.

Historical coats of arms


  1. According to the project of bigger coat of arms.