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[[Category:Coats of arms]]
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Coat of arms of Nedland
Greater coat of arms of Nedland.png
Coat of Arms of Nedland Updated.png
ArmigerStephen I & II and NG, Baron G
CrestImperial and Royal heraldic crown
EscutcheonDivided into four quarters: first quarter and fourth quarter are filled by gules castles with keys hanging from them, and the second and third quarters are filled by gules roses.
SupportersAn Imperial eagle on the sinister and a bear sable on the dexter
MottoCivitas Nedlandia (State of Nedland)
Other elementsPedestal as compartment and azure, gules and argent mantling with an argent helm

The Coat of arms of Nedland is used officially as the arms of both the Republic of Nedland and the Duchy of Nedland in the Abeldane Empire. It succeeded the emblem of Nedland, and was designed by NG and Stephen I & II. It has currently two versions: Greater and lesser arms. The current armigers of the arms are Stephen I & II, Emperor of Abelden and NG, Baron G.

It features the main national colors of Nedland: Orange and navy blue.