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Civic democratic party (Mikkelsund)

Civic democratic party (mikkelsundian Civildemokratikken Partag - CDP) is the on of the political parties in Mikkelsund. During later elections , CDP gain 30% of votes. With NW( gain 40%), they make the coalition in bevelsaeten. Chairman of party is Wielde Saagmar Goedritten, but idea leader is Groetwaagen Raimund Gyydlyyben. It is right- winged liberal-democratic party, that forms a counterweight to nationalistic party called Nasjonael Witgegrijd, nowadays the greatest political party in Mikkelsund. From 1991- 2009, it was the greatest political power in Mikkelsund - win every election. From 2009 to 2011 it was the crisis of the party, because SoPaM was separated from party and made left-winged opposition thet win the 2009 elections. Nowadays, they are in the coalition, but they are not greatest political power.

Civic democratic party of Mikkelsund
Civildemikrattikken partag vi Mikkelsund
LeaderRaimund Groetwaagen
ChairpersonSaagmar G. Wielde
FoundedMarch 20, 1991
HeadquartersHerverhyym, Reege- str. 19, Stat vi Mikkelsund
NewspaperMikkelsundikken Tyymid
Youth wingJune organisation vi CDP
Ideologymikkelundian Nationalism, Liberalism, democracy
Official colorsLight blue