City of Martínton

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[dubious ]

The City of Martínton
Die Stadt von Martínton
Urbs Martíntonae
Chishaot diton Martínton
La città di Martínton
  City of Myrotania
(in the Province of Waagen)
[[File:File:Martínton flag.png|100px|border|alt=|Flag of The City of Martínton]]
Motto: Veritas in Caritate
[[File:MartíntonCity.jpg|250px|none|alt=|Location of The City of Martínton]]
Founder Thomas I, Imperator
 - Emperor Thomas I, Imperator
Population (2013)
 - Total 0
Demonym Martíntonian
Time zone MTT (UTC+3:39)

Martínton is a city founded on 29 May 2013 named after St. Martín de Porres, a Peruvian lay brother of the Dominican Order who was said to have been able to levitate, talk to animals and be in two places at once. The city is the northern hemisphere of Neptune and it makes up half of the Province of Waagen.