Citizens' Party of Sandus

The Citizens' Party of Sandus (CPS, formerly the Citizens' Communist Party of Sandus) is the ruling party of the State of Sandus. It has absolute de facto rule over the State of Sandus. It has been in existence since June 21, 2009, when the Constitution of the Grand Lamate of Sandefreistikhan was ratified and made the CPS the legal party of the Grand Lamate. Today, after being the sole legal party of the nation since June 21, 2009, it has become an active part of the Sandum republican system of government. Adam Camillus von Friedeck has served as Party Secretary since November 2014.

Citizens' Party of Sandus
Parti des citoyens de Sandus (French)
Factio Civilis Sande (Latin)
LeaderAdam Camillus von Friedeck
AnthemWorker's Marseillaise
Founded21 June 2009
HeadquartersQuercus Candida
NewspaperVoice of Sandus
IdeologyBuddhist socialism
Democratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
Official coloursRed, gold
Party flag

Contary to popular belief, since 2014, the Citizens' Party of Sandus is not a communist party. The CPS continues to promote Socialism, civic liberties, Buddhist Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and supports ethical and democratic self-determination efforts. The CPS continues to promote centrally-planned and cooperative economics and the Sandum culture's emphasis on Socialist culture. The party also promotes religious and cultural expression.

The CPS has taken a large role in the international community, and it was a major participant in the Great Ideological Conflict. In November 2014, the Party Congress of the Citizens' Communist Party voted to remove all official references to Marxism-Leninism from the party and to change the name of the party to the Citizens' Party of Sandus.