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The term citizen has several significations:

As statut

A citizen (Ticit English: citiquexen) is a member of a nation or micronation. There are many ways people can get citizenship of a nation, including:

  • Doing something that the leader of the micronation likes, so you are appointed
  • Applying for citizenship, signing a passport, card, etc.

As style

Citizen, derived from the French Citoyen, is a style and manner of address meaning friend or ally that originated in Revolutionary France. The practical meaning of the term can vary depending on who it is being used by.


The term Citizen traces back to the days of the French Revolution, when the revolutionaries were seeking an appropriate title to refer to the people of France that was not inherently aristocratic.

Micronational use


The title Citizen holds a significant place in society, even beyond politics. The title was introduced during the Jailaverian Communist League's initial period of single-party rule as an egalitarian replacement honorific for Mister, Misses, and Miss. The title, subsequently, is popularly used throughout Jailavera.