Circle Island

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Circle Island
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Circle Island was a short lived micronation. It was an artificial island of sand (in a circle shape) with an area of 7/8 square foot. It was situated in Lake George, New York, surrounded by Million Dollar Beach.


Circle Island was a simulationist micronation made by Eshaan B. Patel (who now does real-world ones) when he was 7. He built a tiny lake surrounding the sandmade island he named Lake New York.

Lake New York


Status Table
Created July 2017
Defunct May 2018
Succeded by Timonocite Empire
Leader Xicoritheybalrjia (ksi-ko-ri-thee-yi-ball-rig-ia)
Xicoritheyvakrijia Eshaan B. Patel
Subdivisions 7 theybables (2 unnamed)