Church of New Eiffel

The Christian Church of New Eiffel (CCNE), unofficially known as the Protestant Church of New Eiffel (PCNE) (Arabtemporarian: Choch Prubeueiei o' New/Eiffeł) was the state church of New Eiffel,[1] although it had no power in the government, as the Constitution of New Eiffel granted freedom of religion, including the freedom to practice and the freedom to change religion.

Christian Church of New Eiffel
Ulelanci un Nemj ifemj (New Eiffelian)
Choch Prubeueiei o' New/Eiffeł (Arabtemporarian)
Logo of the Church of New Eiffel.png
Unofficial logo of Church
RegionNew Eiffel
FounderZarel I
Members5 (peak)
Other name(s)Protestant Church of New Eiffel

At its peak the Church had five members, and had no physical building. Even though the Church was officially nondenominational, it leaned towards protestant values.