Christopher Curry-Mascolo

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His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Emperor Christopher I Augustus
Emperor of Currvania, Lord Mayor of New Alexandria, Governor of New Thrace, and King of New Jamestowne

Emperor of Currvania
Reign 14 February 2019- Present
Coronation Date not set
Predecessor Throne established
Lord Mayor of New Alexandria, Governor of New Thrace, and King of New Jamestowne
In office 10 November 2019- Present
Predecessor Offices Established
Successor Incumbent
Era dates
~2014- 14 February 2019 (Conception of Currvania)

14 February 2019- 11 October 2019 (Provisional Government)

House Curry-Mascolo
Father Christopher Curry II
Mother Diane Mascolo
Born 11 March 2004 (2004-03-11) (age 16)
Melbourne, Florida, United StatesFlag of the United States.png
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon)
Monuments Fort Curry

Christopher I, also known as Christopher III of the Curry Family, is the founder and monarch of The Empire of Currvania. Currvania is said to have been roughly organized on 14 Februuary 2019 but the idea had been around for over 4 years, first as Curryea then The Imperial Provinces of Curryea then Curryea was changed to Currvania. For a while, the nation was united with another and it was called The Currvanian-Rogerian Empire but Christopher felt the claims were too ridiculous and started over from scratch and The Currvanian Empire was born. Christopher is the son of Christopher Curry and Diane Mascolo, who have not been involved in the nation as of yet. It was Paula Curry, now posthumously Duchess Port Galicia and Countess Otterbein, that helped him along and helped the country blossom. She was and still is a very important person to Christopher.

Orders, Honors, and Titles

Official Title:

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Christopher I Augustus, by the Grace of God, of the Currvanian Empire and its other realms and territories, Emperor, of New Jamestowne, King, of New Thrace, Governor, and of New Alexandria, Lord Mayor, Hereditary Archduke of Mascolo, Sovereign of The Most Noble Order of The Golden Eagle, of The Great Order of The Silver Cross, of The Distinguished Order of Christopher I, of The Most Imperial Order of Otterbein, and of The Order of Merit of The Currvanian Empire, Head of the High Council, Secretary General of the Armed Forces Council