Chiefdoms of Wilton First School

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The Chiefdom of the Plains was a chiefdom that existed during the Predynastic period of Wilcsland, and is the earliest known incarnation of what would eventually become the Kingdom of Wilcsland. It was situated to the north east of what would become the Kingdom of South Bank, and possibly co-existed alongside early incarnations of the Chiefdom of the Moon, the Chiefdom of the Sun, and the Eastern Chiefdom.

It is known that the Chiefdom of the Plains was the dominant power in the region around the year 1995, establishing hegemony over the neighbouring chiefdoms to such a degree that the Chieften of the Plains assumed the title Great Chieften.

The only known Chieften of the Plains was Nectombetec I, but there may very well have been others before and after him. He was however the only chief to hold the title of Great Chieften until Nectombetec II, suggesting that after his reign the Chiefdom of the Plains lost its dominance over the neighbouring chiefdoms.

While there may have been Chieftens of the Plains after Nectombetec I, they are unknown, and the Chiefdom of the Plains had ceased to exist by 1998.

List of known Chieftens:

Dates are approximate