Chief of Staff (New Europe)

Flag of Imperial military, used by the Chief of Staff

The Chief of Imperial Armed Forces Staff or General Inspector of the Reichswehr was the highest-ranking military post in the Reichswehr, the New European armed forces. Normally in the rank of a (field marshal) general or admiral, the occupant presided over the Imperial General Staff, and was the direct military advisor to the Minister of Defence and the ministry.

Chiefs of Staff since 2009

Timeframe Name Branch Minister Picture
January–May 2009 General Field Marshal Matthew I of South Carolina (*1990) Army Vaughn Bullock  
May–Nov 2009 General Field Marshal Johannus von Ikner (*1993) Army Vaughn Bullock 95px
2009–2010 Captain Alan Soltau (*1991) Army Nicholas Bender N/A
2011–2013 General Field Marshal Juan Carlos (*1990) Army (Heer) Jessica Brigan
Vaughn Bullock