Chief Ambassador (Austenasia)

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Chief Ambassador
Logo of the
Foreign Office
HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis

since 24 June 2013
Foreign Office
AppointerThe Monarch

The Chief Ambassador of Austenasia is the member of Cabinet who is in charge of the Foreign Office of the Empire of Austenasia, currently (since June 2013) Countess Eritoshi of Memphis. The Chief Ambassador is therefore responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations and for representing and promoting the interests of the Empire of Austenasia internationally.

Under the 2008 Constitution, the Chief Ambassador was elected by the other Representatives, but under the 2011 Constition is appointed by the Monarch, although the requirement to be a Representative has remained.

The Chief Ambassador is ex officio Austenasian ambassador to the United Kingdom and to any nation or people for which the Foreign Office has not appointed a subordinate ambassador, although the role of the Monarch in representing the state abroad has recently increased significantly. The Chief Ambassador therefore personally represents Austenasia in many cases.

List of Chief Ambassadors

Number Picture Name Political views Took office Left office Notes
01 100px HIH Crown Prince Jonathan Monarchist 13 Nov 2008 24 Dec 2011 Founder of Austenasia. Signed Treaties of Mutual Recognition with Vikesland, St. Charlie, Radnoria, the Grove, Copan, the Midget Nation-in-Exile, Calsahara, Gishabrun and NottaLotta Acres, and entered into diplomatic relations with many others. Oversaw the creation of the alliance with Moylurg (now New Wessex), the creation of Austenasian protectorates over Dorzhabad, Adjikistan (now Monovia) and Domanglia, and arranged for the Empire to appear in three foreign (a British, Italian and South Korean) newspapers. Re-elected as Chief Ambassador by Cabinet on 1 January 2009, 1 January 2010 and 1 January 2011, and confirmed as Chief Ambassador by the Monarch on 21 September 2011. Lost office after failing to be re-elected as Representative of Wrythe.
02 PrincessCaroline2012.jpg HIH Crown Princess Caroline Social liberal 24 Dec 2011 24 Jun 2013 Appointed to position of Chief Ambassador by the Monarch, and appointed Crown Prince Jonathan her deputy. While she was in office, the Empire entered into diplomatic relations with Florenia, Überstadt, Renasia, Starhigh (now Peribius), Erephisia, Tatsumiya and Landashir. Austenasian protection of Domanglia and Dorzhabad was rescinded, (and was extended over New Balland until its dissolution), and Monovia's status as a Protectorate was changed to that of a protected state.
03 Eri.png HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis Centre-left 24 Jun 2013 Incumbent Appointed to position of Chief Ambassador by the Monarch after playing an instumental role in helping Orly made a protected state of the Empire. Held office during the cutting of ties with New Wessex.