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====List of Chief Ambassadors====
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!Political views
!Took office
!Left office
|'''[[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIH Crown Prince Jonathan]]'''
|'''13 Nov 2008'''
|'''24 Dec 2011'''
|Founder of Austenasia. Signed treaties of mutual recognition with [[Vikesland]], [[Federal Republic of St. Charlie|St. Charlie]], [[Radnoria]], [[Kingdom of the Grove|the Grove]], [[Kingdom of Copan|Copan]], the [[Midget Nation-in-Exile]], [[Calsahara]], [[Gishabrun]] and [[NottaLotta Acres]], and entered into diplomatic relations with many others. Oversaw the creation of the alliance with [[Kingdom of Moylurg|Moylurg]] (now [[Wilcsland]]), the creation of Austenasian protectorates over [[Dorzhabad]], [[Adjikistan]] (now [[Monovia]]) and [[Domanglia]], and arranged for the Empire to appear in three foreign (a British, Italian and South Korean) newspapers. Re-elected as Chief Ambassador by Cabinet on 1 January 2009, 1 January 2010 and 1 January 2011, and confirmed as Chief Ambassador by the Monarch on 21 September 2011. Lost office after failing to be re-elected as Representative of Wrythe.
|'''[[Crown Princess Caroline of Austenasia|HIH Crown Princess Caroline]]'''
|'''[[w:Social liberalism|Social liberal]]'''
|'''24 Dec 2011'''
|'''24 Jun 2013'''
|Appointed to position of Chief Ambassador by the Monarch, and appointed Crown Prince Jonathan her deputy. While she was in office, the Empire entered into diplomatic relations with [[Kingdom of Florenia|Florenia]], [[Kingdom of Überstadt|Überstadt]], [[Free State of Renasia|Renasia]], [[Starhigh]], [[Erephisia]], [[Tatsumiya]] and [[Landashir]]. Austenasian protection of Domanglia and Dorzhabad was rescinded, (and was extended over [[New Balland]] until its dissolution), and Monovia's status as a Protectorate was changed to that of a protected state.
|'''[[Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis|HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis]]'''
|'''24 Jun 2013'''
|'''17 Mar 2016'''
|Appointed to position of Chief Ambassador by the Monarch after playing an instumental role in the [[Liberation of Orly]]. Held office during the cutting of ties with the New Wessex of [[Declan I, II & V|Declan I]] and the establishment of diplomacy with [[Ashukovo]], [[Wyvern]], [[Leylandiistan]], [[Zealandia]], [[Volfa]], [[Westarctica]], and [[Rudno]], as well as during the [[2014 New South Scotland crisis]]. Under her tenure, [[Sabovia]] and [[Wilcsland]] became protected states of the Empire. Appointed [[James von Puchow]] as the first official [[Deputy Chief Ambassador (Austenasia)|Deputy Chief Ambassador]], to whom some of her duties were delegated. Resigned for personal reasons.
|'''[[Lord Charles Clarke|Lord Charles Clarke, Duke of Grantabridge]]'''
|'''17 Mar 2016'''
|'''23 Sep 2016'''
|Appointed to position of Chief Ambassador by the Monarch after the resignation of his predecessor. Supported the dissolution of the office of Deputy Chief Ambassador, and held office during the establishing of diplomacy with [[Wildflower Meadows]], [[Principality of Ongal|Ongal]], [[Grand Republic of Delvera|Delvera]], [[Mercia]], and [[Sabia and Verona]]. Attempted to create an "Austenasian Commonwealth" as a unifying organigation of guidance for the younger micronations of the [[MicroWiki nations|MicroWiki Community]], but this project was cut short when he resigned upon his home-town of [[Lichtenstein]] being ceded back to the United Kingdom.
|'''[[Lord Rear Admiral Alastair Cranston|Lord Rear Admiral Alastair Cranston, Duke of New Virginia]]'''
|'''27 Sep 2016'''
|Appointed to position of Chief Ambassador by the Monarch after a short period of the office being vacant.
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