Chamber of Deputies (Atlantis)

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Chamber of Deputies
II° Legislature
Type Lower house
Majority Leader Donato De Lellis, Conservative
Opposition Leader Alexander Eastwood, SocialDemocrat
Members 11
Parliament of Atlantis political 2011.png
Political groups      Conservative (7)
     SocialDemocratic (5)
Meeting place
Atlantis Official Forum

List of Deputies

Member Party Leaders Notes
Castelvecchi Francesco SocialDemocrats New member
Coppola Elisabetta Conservative New member
De Felice Manuel SocialDemocrats Seat held
De Lellis Donato Conservative Majority Leader Appointed Prime Minister the 6 June
Di Fiore Vittoria Conservative Seat held
Dworzycki Pawel SocialDemocrats Seat held
Eastwood Alexander SocialDemocrats Opposition Leader Seat held
Esposito Francesco Conservative New member
Gavin Carolina SocialDemocrats Seat held
Martino Adriana Conservative New member
Tennant Jennifer Conservative New Member