Central Protectorate of Vilthia

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Central Protectorate
Motto "To give light"
"Ut Lucerent"
Jurisdiction Decracy of Vilthia;
Various extraterritorial possessions
Founded 2007
Official language Latin; Italian
Type Political see of the Vilthian Sovereign
Sovereign Titianus II
Secretary-General Lorenzo Scatto (as Camerlengo)
Regency Office
Sovereign Titianus II
Federico Marcuzzi Zappi
Great Vicar Alice Zanori
President of the Governatorate Alessia Garazzini
Departments 8
Website Official website

The Central Protectorate is the entity that holds the political jurisdiction over Vilthia. It is the preëminent seat of the Vilthian politics, forming the central government of the micronation. Although it is often referred to as "Yunivers" or "Vilthia", the Central Protectorate is not the same entity as the Decracy of Vilthia.
Is chaired by the King.

Execuitve Branch

Governatorate's seal

While the legislature is exercised by the Council of the Nobles, the executive branch is exercised by the Central Protectorate, and thus by the King. This section of the Central Protectorate takes the name of Regency Office.

Governatorate of the Central Protectorate

The Governatorate of the Central Protectorate is the entity that, on behalf of the King, holds in his name the sovreignty over the territories of Vilthia. It also holds the executive power over the unincorporated territories. The President of the Governatorate is elected by the citizens of Vilthia and of the unincorporated territories every 5 years. The President appoints the Commissioners of the external Protectorates of Saint Peter and Vega. The president is also the representative of the Central Protectorate in relations with foreign states and organisations.

Departments of the Governatorate

  • Department of Economic Services
    • Direction of Economic Services
    • Direction of State's Accounting
    • Direction of the Treasury
    • Direction of Commerce and Economic Activities
  • Department of Defence
    • Direction of Defence and Military Forces
    • Direction of Military Infrastructures
  • Department of Environment
    • Direction of Parks and Gardens
    • Direction of Environmental Economic Activities
  • Department of the Interior
    • Direction of General and Administrative Services
    • Direction of Technical Services
    • Direction of Telecommunications
  • Department of Security and Civil Defense Services
    • Direction of Security and Civil Defense Services
    • Direction of Borders Security
  • Department of the Foreign Affairs
    • Direction of the Foreign Affairs
    • Direction of the Extraterritorial Properties and Embassies
  • Department of Health
    • Direction of Health and Hygiene
    • Direction of Health Facilities
  • Department of Culture
    • Direction of the Museums
    • Direction of School Services
    • Direction of the Cultural Services and Activities
    • Direction of Tourism
    • Direction of Press and Information Services

Agencies and offices of the Governatorate

  • APSE, Administration of the Patrimony of the Vilthian Seat (part of the Economic Services Department)
  • ARDE, Authority of the Network for Energy Distribution (part of the Interior Department)
  • ASD, Authority for the Security of the Decracy (part of the Defence Department)
  • AVF, Authority of Financial Supervision (part of the Economic Services Department)
  • ATV, Authority of Vilthian Transports (part of the Interior Department)
  • AVA, Authority of Vilthian Waters (part of the Interior Department)
  • ANPA, National Agency for Environmental Protection (part of the Environment Department)
  • IRV, Institute for the Hunting Regulation (part of the Environment Department)
  • Prefecture of the Central Protectorate
  • Legal office
  • Personnel office
  • Register office
  • Philatelic and Numismatic office
  • Information systems office
  • Economic and productive activities office
  • Tourism office
  • Permits office
  • State archives office


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The following entities depend from the Central Protectorate:

And also the following unincorporated territories, that are administered directly by the Central Protectorate:

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is composed of the 3 Tribunals of Vilthia. They are each headed by a high judge, appointed by the King. In the Judicial Branch there is also the Attorney of the State of the Decracy of Vilthia.

Courts of Vilthia


The seal of the Central Protectorate is the number 5 (the provinces and the feuds of Vilthia) composed of 3 colors (the 3 key persons of the Central Protectorate): Blue for the sky, Azure for the rivers, and Green for the nature. At the center of the number is represented a fortress onto a mountain, to represent the seat of the Central Protectorate.


The official anthem of the Central Protectorate is the Royal March.