Cavanaugh Ministry

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Cavanaugh Ministry

3rd Minstry ministry of Abrus
Kingdom of Abrus new flag.png
Date formed 6 March 2016
People and organizations
Head of government HRH Prince Sean Cavanaugh
Head of state HM Stacey I
Total no. of ministers 4
Member party Liberal Party of Abrus
Progressive Party of Abrus
Status in legislature Coalition majority government
Previous Hitz Ministry

The Cavanaugh Ministry is the 3rd Ministry of The Government of Abrus, led by Prime Minister HRH Prince Sean Cavanaugh. It succeeded the Hitz Ministry After the change government of the country when a new Prime Minister was elected during an election that took place on 5 March 2016.

First Arrangement

Like the Hitz Ministry, the Cavanaugh Ministry contains 3 ministers.


Party Minister Portfolio
Liberal Party HRH Prince Sean Cavanaugh
Liberal Party HRH Prince Tyler Cavanaugh
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Abrus
  • President of The Senate
Progressive Party Matthew Cavanaugh
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Home Security