Caudonian Scots

Caudonian Scots, also known as Caudonie Scots and Caullans, is an extinct dialect of the Scots language that was spoken in Caudonia. The dialect employed alternative spellings of certain words and sounds compared to other dialects. It had been most influenced by the Northern Scots and Central Scots dialects.

Caudonian Scots
Caudonie Scots, Caullans, (Braid) Scots
Native toCaudonia
Official status
Official language in
Flag of Caudonia.png Caudonia
Regulated byBuird fur thi Leids ae Caudonie


The dialect is generally referred to as Caudonian Scots in English. Speakers usually refer to their vernacular as Caudonie Scots, Braid Scots or simply Scots. Caullans, a portmanteau merging Caudonia and Lallans, the Scots for lowlands, is also used.


The Government of Caudonia recognises the Scots language as an official language in the nation. The Language Protection Act, passed in November of 2019, recognises the Scots language as an "official language, equal in status to English".