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Caudonie Polis
Ensenyie "Fur Prince an Kintra!"
Force owerview
Foondit 11 June 2019
Employees 0
Pouer structur
Naitional polis force Caudonie
Wirk aurie Caudonie
Size 0.03585 km2
Population 35 (2019 estimate)
Govrenin body Meenistry o Hame Affairs
General naitur Ceevilian polis, naitional defence
Electit officer pensie Tuim, Meenister o Hame Affairs
Force executives Prince William I, Inspector-General
Ned Fram, Chief Inspector
Diveesions Ceevil Defence Section, Traffeck Services Unit, Mairch Guidal Unit, Diplomatic Pertection Group
Vehicles 1

The Caudonie Polis is the naitional polis force o Caudonie. Hit is pensie fur enforcin laws, keepin order, naitional defence an mairch guidal.

Structur an Ranks

The owersman in chairge is the Inspector-General, the ringin monarch, tho actually hit is the Chief Inspector. The Chief Inspector is appyntit bi the Prince.

Ilk wan o the polisin auries is heidit bi an Inspector. Auries are dividit intae station auries, heidit bi a Station Sergeant.

An aw, the Caudonia Polis haes a wheen o diveesions that dae speicial things. These are the Wappens Unit, Traffeck Services Unit, Mairch Guidal Unit an the Diplomatic Pertection Group.

Ranks an inseegnie

Caudonia Police officer rank insignia
Rank Inspector-General Chief Inspector Inspector Probationary Inspector Officer Cadet
Insignia New Albion Inspector General.png New Albion Chief Inspector.png New Albion Inspector.png New Albion Probationary Inspector.png New Albion Police Officer Cadet.png
Caudonia Police other ranks rank insignia
Rank Station Sergeant Sergeant Senior Constable Constable Probationary Constable Cadet
Insignia New Albion Station Sergeant.png New Albion Police Sergeant.png New Albion Senior Constable.png New Albion Constable.png New Albion Probationary Constable.png New Albion Police Cadet.png